Cock-a-Doodle Dance! #2020

Cock-a-Doodle Dance! By Christine Fagan-Tricarico Rich Deas Cock a Doodle Dance It s all work no play for the grouchy animals at this Texas farm Then Rooster catches the jitterbug and things will never be the same
  • Title: Cock-a-Doodle Dance!
  • Author: Christine Fagan-Tricarico Rich Deas
  • ISBN: 9780312382513
  • Page: 379
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Cock-a-Doodle Dance! By Christine Fagan-Tricarico Rich Deas It s all work, no play for the grouchy animals at this Texas farm Then Rooster catches the jitterbug and things will never be the same
    Cock-a-Doodle Dance! By Christine Fagan-Tricarico Rich Deas
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      Christine Fagan-Tricarico Rich Deas

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    1. Christine Fagan-Tricarico Rich Deas

      Christine Fagan-Tricarico Rich Deas Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Cock-a-Doodle Dance! book, this is one of the most wanted Christine Fagan-Tricarico Rich Deas author readers around the world.

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    1. This book is so much fun As fun as I find the text though, it s really the illustrations that do me in On the third page, The rooster wakes his farm at five to start their working day, the picture of the cow staring at the reader cracks me up The facial expressions throughout the book should engage and delight the listeners The text is rhyming And the rooster and son remind me a little of Looney Tune characters with the big, big eyes There is one page which mentions polka pies landing on heifer [...]

    2. Using rhymes and catchy vocabulary, Cock A Doodle Dance is such a cute story about a sleepy, boring barnyard that a rooster brings to life when he catches a jitterbug He spreads his dancing all over the barnyard until the chickens eggs scramble and cows milk curdles At this time the barnyard animals get mad at the rooster for spreading this jitterbug around, which is when the rooster decides they need to clean up the barnyard and only dance at dusk They find this such a balanced life now, until [...]

    3. I had the ultimate pleasure of hearing seeing this story performed by the author herself when she visited our library This story is amazing, very colorful, lively full of life just like the author Christine Tricarico All the children who attended were mesmerized with this book this amazing author I highly recommend Cock A Doodle Dance for kids ages 2 6 to get them actively involved in the story really get them learning DANCING Abby

    4. Cock A Doodle Dance is such a rockin read I have 4 children my youngest 2YO has been chanting cock a doodle DANCE ever since we brought it home from the library last week.My husband even enjoys reading this one repeatedly it s such an easy, fun read and the pictures are equally amazing Angela MacDonald

    5. What a fun fantastic book for the lil ones my grand kids LOVED it grandma even learned some new moves Brandy Holly

    6. This book is about a bunch of barnyard animals who love to dance and have caught the jumpin jitterbug being led by the rooster The pigs cows, chickens etc are all bored as can be on the farm, so the little rooster riles everyone up and leads a big dance All of the animals are so excited they boogie and woogie and dance for two whole days Then they all realize they are exhausted and can t do any work So the rooster sleeps for one whole day to regain energy, and then he finally cock a doodle do s [...]

    7. When all work and no play leaves the farm animals exhausted and lackluster, Rooster decides to get them up on their feet to start dancing They love all the fun, but no farm work gets done because they re having too much fun Rooster decides to compromise with a balance of work and play The end papers in this story written in rhymng lines contain descriptions of dances, and the illustrations are filled with large, comic images of the farm animals I m sure there s an audience for this one with its [...]

    8. Kind of a weird hodge podge of dance moves with an oddly told story The farm animals work on a gloomy, grouchy farm with no time for enjoyment until rooster s un introduced child who then disappears into the story puts on the radio and dance fever spreads across the farm The farm animals soon dance themselves to exhaustion They re so exhausted that they get angry at Rooster for starting the whole dance party, complaining that no work is getting done Rooster calls for a Cock a doodle Clean Up ugh [...]

    9. Cute picture book I really enjoyed the story as well as all of the pictures to go along with the words I really do think children would enjoy this book I will keep this book in my classroom library for my students to have the convenience to read it, and I think this would also be a good and fun opportunity to talk about farms and the animals found on farms This was a creative story over all and could easily be used in an elementary middle classroom, it is worth a read Tricarico, C 2012 Cock a do [...]

    10. Not only are the illustration stiff and cliched they make all the farm animals look caucasian The pigs have a peach skin tone, the chickes are all white, the cows are all pale When children s books use animals instead of people, it s an oppurtunity to show characters that are not burdened with racial markers This book fails to do that.Also, I thought the story was weak.

    11. I feel like the rhythm wouldn t work for storytime, and some of the word choices were peculiar the cows can t nap with crusty calves, you ll witness bovines bow and poultries prancin legs.

    12. Isn t there a Dan Santat book coming out later this year that has a similar premise to this The art was cute and all, but the story didn t make much sense.

    13. Lots of old fashioned phrases to introduce to kids and the end papers have great information about a variety of dances.

    14. What a fun read aloud My 1st grade class was enthralled with this story s bouncy text vibrant illustrations as a teacher I was very impressed with the informative dance glossary at the end

    15. My son said, I don t like this one So not sure why he didn t like itybe to long for him But I liked the picture and thought it was fun.

    16. An uninspired group of farm animals discover the jitterbug and next thing you know, they can t stop dancing Hilarious illustrations accompany this fun loving story.

    17. After the farm animals dance themselves into exhaustion, they find a balance between work and play The personalities of the animals jump out of the illustrations.

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