Vampire Blues: Samantha Moon Case Files #2020

Vampire Blues: Samantha Moon Case Files By J.R. Rain Vampire Blues Samantha Moon Case Files Private investigators juggle a variety of jobs throughout the day Some cases are bigger than others but even a routine case can offer a few surprises And in Vampire Blues Samantha Moon is about to d
  • Title: Vampire Blues: Samantha Moon Case Files
  • Author: J.R. Rain
  • ISBN: 2940012999887
  • Page: 449
  • Format: Nook
  • Vampire Blues: Samantha Moon Case Files By J.R. Rain Private investigators juggle a variety of jobs throughout the day Some cases are bigger than others, but even a routine case can offer a few surprises And in Vampire Blues, Samantha Moon is about to discover that not all men are created equalIn Nightmare, one parasitic vampire is about to meet his own worst nightmareIn Soul Train, a young boy who hears a mystPrivate investigators juggle a variety of jobs throughout the day Some cases are bigger than others, but even a routine case can offer a few surprises And in Vampire Blues, Samantha Moon is about to discover that not all men are created equalIn Nightmare, one parasitic vampire is about to meet his own worst nightmareIn Soul Train, a young boy who hears a mysterious nightly train, is about to come face to face with something not of this worldAnd a bonus short story that features one very famous vampire
    Vampire Blues: Samantha Moon Case Files By J.R. Rain
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      J.R. Rain

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      I m an ex private investigator now writing full time in the Pacific Northwest, where I live in a small house on a small island with my small dog, Sadie, who has energy than Robin Williams.As a kid I was always making stuff skates, skateboards, skimboards, skis, sleds, clothing, furniture, wood carvings, Easter baskets, comic books, you name it I was the mother of all nerds Anyway, I think I was searching for the one thing I wanted to keep on making for the rest of my life Then one day I discovered Choose Your Own Adventure books Remember those You as the reader were asked to make choices for the characters Choose Your Own Adventures were a lot of fun and I just had to make my own And so I did, writing three of them, and I ve been hooked on writing ever since Just think, I could have been hooked on making Easter baskets In high school, I was a fine balance of jock and nerd I played football and baseball and somehow managed to write five complete novels So how was I able to write so much and play sports and study at the same time Easy No girlfriend In fact, I didn t kiss a girl until I was in college In college, I still managed to write two books and over 80 short stories Even with all the kissing Eventually, I graduated with a perfectly useless degree in anthropology, got married two weeks later, and shortly thereafter started my career as an insurance claims investigator I ve made better choices I would spend the next four years researching and writing my first adventure novel, THE LOST ARK At the age of 28, I landed one of the biggest agents in Hollywood Welcome to Hollyweird I discovered that I had a natural knack for writing screenplays Go figure For the next two years I worked exclusively with Paramount Pictures and Alphaville Productions developing various movie and TV projects Some things worked out most didn t I learned much and I m thankful for the experience Ultimately, I realized I had strayed far from my true love writing novels but never very far from my other true love donuts And so, with a little bit of money in the bank and some time on my hands okay, fine, I got fired from my insurance job , I moved to Carlsbad and wrote three books DARK HORSE, MOON DANCE, and CURSED Being married to a dreamer is tough Being married to a dreamer and a writer is damn near impossible Yup, you guessed it, after seven tough years my wife was gone, baby, gone Not to worry I eventually met another girl poor thing , and together we moved up to Seattle Things turned ugly fast I lost my job, my car, my money, the girl, went bankrupt, and yet somehow wrote THE MUMMY CASE in a freezing cold basement in the middle of a rainy winter, unemployed and stealing food usually donuts from local grocery stores Like the prodigal son, I eventually moved back home to southern California, where I got a new job, got my private investigator s license, got a new movie agent, moved to Hollywood and was fortunate enough to have my first novel published in November 2005 by Mundania Press In 2006, I wrote ELVIS HAS NOT LEFT THE BUILDING, and in 2007, I moved up to Oregon where I eventually became a vegetarian for moral reasons , and wrote the first draft of my ghost story, THE BODY DEPARTED In 2008, I moved back to southern California to help with my sick father Now in 2009, you guessed it, I m back up in the Pacific Northwest, living on a small island in a small home with my small doggie It s a simple, peaceful lifea life filled with writing, hiking, and Beggin Strips Remember life is too short to work at a job you don t love So follow your dreams, my friends, even if it means living on a faraway island in the back of beyond As you can see, I ve come far from those days of stealing donuts Full circle, if y

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    1. Finished Vampire Blues Four Stories Samantha Moon Case Files 1 and almost don t know how to rate it, the stories were good even with the bait and switch thing but they were a bit unfulfilling if that makes sense, I think it may be that I just don t care for short stories that much, I wanted so much for these stories than the author was prepared to give If you want something to read when you have a few minutes but don t wish to get into a novel, this would be good, the stories are excellent last [...]

    2. I am a fan of the easy to read Samantha Moon series The books are great entertainment when you are in the mood for something that doesn t tax your brain but entertains you This series of short stories is REALLY short only four stories, quite short, but most disappointing of all is that only one of the four stories has anything to do with Samantha Moon I have no idea why this is then called from the case files of Samantha Moon I am going to stay away from the short stories and novellas of this au [...]

    3. There s no a single bad story in this bunch In fact, they re all VERY good and I feel that this contains the best of the Samantha Moon short stories so far I haven t read Christmas Moon yet, but that s a novella so that doesn t count as a short story in my book.Vampire Blues This seems to take place after Moon Child Samantha gets a call from an elderly lady who feels her husband has been cheating on her Samantha hates cheating spouse cases but there s something about the old woman that tugs at h [...]

    4. I love J R Rain s Samantha Moon series, and was excited when I saw this book, however this was extremely disappointing As the title suggests, I had expected this to be Samantha Moon cases, and the first short story was and was fairly good The remaining stories, however were not connected to the Moon stories at all, they were just separate short stories that were less than average The third story wasn t too bad, but the second and last were dreadfully boring Really not worth the money at all, and [...]

    5. This short story has Sam being the impulsive man hater that she has kind of toned down over time When tasked with hunting down a cheating husband by his cancer fighting wife , Sam jumps to all the wrong conclusions If she took a moment to slow down mentally and physically she would have easily seen the signs Lost in her chaotic head, though, she doesn t realize she s headed down the wrong path until it s too late Lucky for her, she has some very forgiving clients.

    6. Well, I don t know really what to say about this short story I was not impressed I only read it due to the line to Samantha Moon Vampire for hire, but only one story Yeah, again like the other short stories with the link could of easliy been put within the book itself I don t get the big trill of the short story.

    7. I am a huge JR Rain fan and this book did not disappoint I LOVE the Vampire for Hire series and Samantha Moon The characters are all great and I absolutly love some and hate others Samantha takes you on a rollercoster ride of adventure A definate read

    8. I m a big fan of the Samantha Moon series But I am disappointed with this collection of short stories I thought it would be a collection of short stories about SM instead, there were other short stories that not even remotely related to her.

    9. Though I still love the author s writing, I wish I could unread Fang s story A deeply disturbed individual who I wish I didn t know his short story of how he became a murderer Well written but I m scarred having read it.

    10. Once again JR Rain thrills us with his Stories In his new book Vampire Blues we get 4 short stories that will keep you spell bound Once I started reading I couldn t put the book down JR creates 4 unique stories that will keep you guessing until the very end.

    11. Loved this book All the stories were great, but my two favorites were Nightmare Soul Train Great job J.R Rain

    12. Liked this Keep in mind, folks, Short Stories Always nice to have something from one of your favorite Author s that is kept simple and clean

    13. only 20 pages in this short story i ll get back to the rest whe i m done with the sam moon series which is awsome.

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