The Temporary Detective #2020

The Temporary Detective By Joanne Sydney Lessner The Temporary Detective Phones light typing and murder Think breaking into show business is hard Try landing a temp job without office skills That s the challenge facing aspiring actress Isobel Spice when she arrives in New
  • Title: The Temporary Detective
  • Author: Joanne Sydney Lessner
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 142
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • The Temporary Detective By Joanne Sydney Lessner Phones, light typing and murder Think breaking into show business is hard Try landing a temp job without office skills That s the challenge facing aspiring actress Isobel Spice when she arrives in New York City, fresh out of college and deficient in PowerPoint After being rejected by seven temp agencies for her lack of experience, Isobel sweet talks recruiter James CooPhones, light typing and murder Think breaking into show business is hard Try landing a temp job without office skills That s the challenge facing aspiring actress Isobel Spice when she arrives in New York City, fresh out of college and deficient in PowerPoint After being rejected by seven temp agencies for her lack of experience, Isobel sweet talks recruiter James Cooke into letting her cover a last minute vacancy at a bank New to his own job, and recently sober, James takes a chance on Isobel, despite his suspicion that she s a trouble magnet His misgivings are borne out by lunchtime, when she stumbles across a dead secretary in a bathroom stall With her fingerprints on the murder weapon, Isobel sets out to prove her innocence by investigating the crime herself While learning to juggle phone lines and auditions, she discovers an untapped talent for detective work a qualification few other office temps, let alone actresses, can claim.Please note this is a contemporary cozy with an edge contains some adult language.
    The Temporary Detective By Joanne Sydney Lessner
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      Joanne Sydney Lessner

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    1. Joanne Sydney Lessner

      Writer, singer, and actor Joanne Sydney Lessner draws on her own experiences pursuing a performing career in New York City for her acclaimed Isobel Spice Mysteries THE TEMPORARY DETECTIVE, BAD PUBLICITY, AND JUSTICE FOR SOME, and OFFED STAGE LEFT With humor and a bit of romance, Isobel juggles auditions and temp jobs, solving murders along the way, while Joanne s inside knowledge provides a window into the realities of breaking into show business as well as a forum to share every humiliating audition experience she and her friends ever had Joanne s debut novel, PANDORA S BOTTLE, was inspired by the true story of the world s most expensive bottle of wine and was named one of the top five books of 2010 by Paperback Dolls With her husband, composer conductor Joshua Rosenblum, she has co authored several musicals, including the cult hit FERMAT S LAST TANGO and EINSTEIN S DREAMS, based on the celebrated novel by Alan Lightman Her play, CRITICAL MASS, received its Off Broadway premiere in October 2010 Joanne is also a regular contributor to OPERA NEWS and a graduate of Yale University.For a free Isobel Spice short story, visit joannesydneylessner.

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    1. Workplace settings are underutilized in mystery writing and as someone who spent fifteen years plus in contract work, the premise attracted my intention A few pages into the Kindle sample I had to download the whole thing I loved the voice, wit and style Characters are well realized and complex especially Isobel and James Good job showing the flaws, BTW The dialogue is clever banter worthy of the GILMORE GIRLS or BUNHEADS but not overly wordy The theater and audition scenes have interesting insi [...]

    2. This is a well written and engaging story about an actress who takes a temp job, discovers a murder and can t stop trying to work out who did it The man who gave her the temp job also takes an interest in solving the mystery in the guise of looking after his employee, who he is rather taken by, though he tries to pretend that isn t the case The main character, Isobel is likeable and easy to relate to, as is James, her boss in the temp agency He is an alcoholic with a controlling girlfriend that [...]

    3. This was a Kindle freebie Not bad and I m happy to report no glaring continuity or spelling grammar issues.Light detective story Nice break from my typical UF and Epic Fantasy fare Good character development and an interesting topic Not too over the top in it s reasonings More of a fun than a serious read I ll read the second book.

    4. As a fan of detective books, I was disappointed The story was good, but the characters also seemed too immature and juvenile to be convincing detectives They seem to have stumbled upon the answer than actually solving the mystery.

    5. What a fun read this was Isobel Spice is newly minted out of work actress in the big city Looking for a way to pay her bills while waiting for her first gig, she finally gets a job thru temp agencyd then the fun begins This book is part mystery, part comedy, but very well written and a gem to read If you are looking for a quick mystery read, this one is it And you may be surprised at who dun itd the reason why

    6. I didn t like the characters very much at first especially the romance between James and Isobel , but Isobel as a character is consistently inconsistent, which is a strange thing to be attracted to I m not sure if I ll keep reading this series, but I haven t ruled it out.

    7. The Temporary Detective was one of those books that pulled me in and didn t let go The premise was entertaining and it could have gone a different route but I m glad it didn t The way it played out included mystery, a bit of suspense, accidental discoveries and humor The characters were a colorful bunch I m glad the author didn t shy away from developing the characters the way she did They were quite enjoyable Isobel is a mess She rambles on, she seems to blurt things out and she s fun To me, th [...]

    8. Synopsis Isobel Spice is an aspiring actress who has recently moved to NYC While Isobel has an excellent singing voice and acting ability, getting a gig in the city is proving to be harder than she originally thought In an attempt to go after her dream while still making ends meet, Isobel scours the city for a job at various temp agencies Unfortunately without any marketable office skills many temp agencies turn her down.Getting than a little nervous about her financial situation, Isobel holds [...]

    9. This is the first book in the Isobel Spice Series by Joanne Sydney Lessner We meet Isobel Spice, aspiring actress during a job interview at the temp agency Temp Zone, as Isobel is trying to convince recruiter James Cooke to give her a shot Isobel is fresh out of college from the state of Wisconsin, having only been in New York for about a week and has had absolutely no luck signing on with a temp agency thus far All the good ones want experienced workers, but without an actual job she is never g [...]

    10. To enjoy this book one does have to suspend belief to a certain degree But it is rather an interesting setting for this new series of crime dramas if only all temp jobs were this interesting The prose is witty, charming and stylistic, as is Isobel Spice, an aspiring musical actress who is earning a crust while waiting for those all important auditions hoping that one would lead to her ideal job The auditions add an interesting dimension to this whole reading experience.I enjoyed the interplay be [...]

    11. Recent college grad Isobel Spice has just arrived in NYC with dreams of stardom dancing in her head Realizing that she can t live on dreams, Isobel seeks employment through temp agencies Although she has no real office experience, James Cooke takes a chance and sends her to an assignment at Interbank Switzerland A full bladder is Isobel s undoing during an emergency drill she makes a mad dash to the ladies room, only to find a dead body in a stall Isobel just won t let sleeping dogs lie and emba [...]

    12. I purchased this book after reading Bad Publicity the second Isobel Spice book I like both books In the first book we get a glimpse into Isobel s story trying to make it in New York City as an actress who only does musical theater Makes sense if you want to be a presence on The Great White Way Well when you re schlepping to and from casting calls, you need a job to support your calling while you do so So she registers with a Temp agency Only the hiring manager, James, has some reservations about [...]

    13. Life as an aspiring actress in New York is far from easy Parts are few and far between and the competition is intense Survival in the big city requires money, and waiting tables is out of the question for Isobel especially after dumping a hot lobster on a nun Temping is the only viable option, but with no experience Isobel s opportunities are limited Pluck and luck get her a temp position at Interbank Switzerland Surviving it is a different matter, particularly after Isobel discovers a dead cowo [...]

    14. Isobel Spice is such a fantastic character She s a little flaky, sort of like Becky Bloomwood of the Shopaholic series, but clever and intuitive as well She basically tells it like it is which frequently gets her into trouble.Isobel is an aspiring actress but that doesn t pay the bills so she takes on temp work She ends up placed in the Procurement department of a bank and quickly gets embroiled in a mystery when a disliked secretary is discovered dead in the bathroom The scissors from Isobel s [...]

    15. Interesting and fun little murder mystery novel.The characters are colourful and deep, the plot unpredictable and twisty, the ending unpredictable A most enjoyable book The characters really brought to life with a rich and colourful description of their lives and background Their interaction is rather superficial and the detection work depends on too many coincidences It also relies on the fact that the detectives are both useless and like to talk about the case to possible suspects unrealistic [...]

    16. Reviewed by Kimfor Read Your Writes Book ReviewsreadyourwritesGranted, I haven t read a lot of cozy mysteries, but TEMPORARY DETECTIVE is different from ones I ve read in the past It s a little hard to explain The book has humorous moments, which I ve come to expect in the cozies But the book also deals with real issues like alcoholism and coming to terms with who you really are as a person and being accepted.For me, the book had a slow start It was almost enough for me to not want to read the b [...]

    17. This is a fun mystery that grows and grows in characters and complexity I didn t actually expect to like it but I did I had read a couple of reviews that gave it one star due to sex and language No bad language than any tv cop show or late night talk show The sex was hillarious and brief The author did a great job of presenting a just out of college, new to NYC young woman, trying to make sense of things and start a life.Try it You might enjoy it I did And I m 64 years old Lighten up And, YES, [...]

    18. I had a hard time suspending disbelief at all the perverted people in a single small department of a large bank Although Isobel fumbles around on her first job assignment, she manages to figure out all the secrets her coworkers are hiding I liked the story line about James as a recovering alcoholic I admired his efforts to stay sober I didn t admire his attraction to Isobel when he was in a relationship at least a sexual relationship with another woman The bed hopping didn t add anything to the [...]

    19. Just not an edge of the seat thriller but a good mystery nonetheless I was not disappointed by the treatment the author gave to the story, it was new and fresh to not have a love story angle for the protagonist and I must say I liked it.Too much in love with James character, because he wasn t a typical jock turned serious but he really was someone with humility and usual doubts about himself, which was good considering he was the main lead.Isobel was just funny witty and loud, which incidentally [...]

    20. This was probably closer to a 3.5 for me There wasn t anything I didn t like, but it didn t cross into favorite book territory I like the New York setting and the various characters aspiring to be actors Although it would have been nice to see romance with James and Izabelle, I appreciate that the author is taking things slow for the sake of building the series It s also nice to see a hero with a real world problem recovering alcoholic.

    21. This story began with a comedic air Isobel is a likable and really funny character while still getting down to business She is one of those that talks before she can think what she is blurting out and it gets her in trouble so to speak quite a few times but yet keeps her out of trouble at the same time.If you like quick and funny characters with a bit of romance and mystery tossed in you will love this story

    22. fluffy but entertaining At first I was rather annoyed by the main character, Isobel, as I thought she was portrayed as making incredibly stupid decisions but was supposed to be intelligent at the same time However, she did grow on me and by the end I found myself rooting for her and wanting her to succeed.

    23. I read about 20% of the book before calling it quits I assume the author was trying to make Isobel a lovable ditz, but I thought she was simply annoying I just couldn t make myself care about her or any of the other characters, and felt the writing was too choppy, so The Temporary Detective becomes my first DNF of 2015.

    24. Isobel Spice is an actor Until someone, anyone, in New York recognizes that she is a temp Within the first hours of her first job she finds a dead body and can t resist investigating She and her acting friends piece it all together with some help from her contact at the temp agency This is an interesting cast of characters, I am looking forward to reading some of their adventures.

    25. I enjoyed this book and look forward to the second in the series I liked Isobel, the main character, but it was James and his struggle with his alcoholism that really grabbed my attention, okay, and my heart It s a well done side story that will keep me anxious to read book two.

    26. I listened to this using the text to speech function on my Kindle It was an interesting mystery Hopefully, the main characters being developed will continue into the next books in the series Isobel s comments are sometimes humorous Several important social issues are addressed.

    27. A well written and enjoyable cozy mystery The POV alternated between two main characters, each distinctive and interesting There were plenty of suspects and the clues were as visible to the reader as to the sleuth I didn t want to put it down.

    28. I enjoyed this book, and would have given 3.5 stars if possible I liked the dual story line and all of the main characters If there is a second book in the series I would buy it as long as it s within a reasonable price range

    29. A surprisingly fun read The characters were not what I expected at all which made the book even of a fun read This is a story I would highly recommend to anyone looking for a good and deep laugh and an engrossing and engaging story

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