ABC: a Child's First Alphabet Book #2020

ABC: a Child's First Alphabet Book By Alison Jay ABC a Child s First Alphabet Book B is for boy but in Alison Jay s ABC B also stands for basket beehive and butterfly Featuring a simple format and bright paintings this acclaimed alphabet book is perfect for toddlers Older readers
  • Title: ABC: a Child's First Alphabet Book
  • Author: Alison Jay
  • ISBN: 9780525475248
  • Page: 480
  • Format: Board Book
  • ABC: a Child's First Alphabet Book By Alison Jay B is for boy but in Alison Jay s ABC, B also stands for basket, beehive,and butterfly Featuring a simple format and bright paintings, this acclaimed alphabet book is perfect for toddlers Older readers are encouraged to look and look again as each spread reveals a new perspective on what has come before and intriguing hints of what s still to come.
    ABC: a Child's First Alphabet Book By Alison Jay
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      Alison Jay

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    1. Alison Jay

      Alison Jay was born in Hertfordshire, grew up in Derbyshire and studied graphic design in London where she now lives After graduating she worked in animation for a short while but gradually started to get commissions in illustration She works in Alkyd a quick drying oil paint on paper and sometimes adds a crackle varnish to give the work an aged appearance She has worked in all areas of illustration including advertising ,packaging, editorial and design Her commission s include a 48 sheet poster for B.T, a TV commercial for Kellogg s corn flakes and has recently illustrated the new baby range of products for Crabtree and Evelyn She has also illustrated lots of children s books including Picture This , William and the night train , The Race , I took the moon for a walk , The Emperors new clothes, If Kisses were colours, ABC Alphabet , an unabridged fully illustrated version of Alice s Adventures in Wonderland ,Listen Listen , Welcome to the Zoo , A Child s first Counting Book , Today is the Birthday of the World and Nursery Rhyme Rainbow She recently worked with Aardman Animation on the development of a feature film and is currently working on a version of The Nutcracker.Her book Welcome to the Zoo which is a wordless visit to a cage less animal hotel has been selected as one of New York s Bank Street s 2009 best books of the year.

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    1. Title ABC A Child s First Alphabet BookAuthor Alison JayGenre ABC bookTheme s Alphabet, LettersOpening line sentence A is for apple.Brief Book Summary Every page in this book includes a different letter and a different thing that begins with that letter It is written in the same verse for every letter so it is predictable as well.Professional Recommendation Review 1 Kathleen Odean Booklist, Oct 15, 2003 Vol 100, No 4 Similar in look and concept to Jay s Picture This 2000 , this imaginative alpha [...]

    2. This beautifully illustrated, colorful picture book is one that I believe deserves a great rating The book is geared towards very young children to help them relate letters to words and animals Apart from the use of letters, what really makes this book stand out from the rest is the illustrations While each letter has a large picture of an animal or object that starts with that letter, it also functions as a kind of hide and seek game, in which you can discover hidden objects that start with tha [...]

    3. Awards Grade ToddlerSummary An ABC book that focuses on the basic units of the alphabet It is geared towards toddlers allowing them to experience the alphabet early on in life Also including gorgeous illustrations.Review While I initially felt that an alphabet book may be too intense for early toddlerhood, this book proves me wrong This book is simple without being boring And the illustrations are lovely.Uses Teaches the alphabet Assists in print concepts Assists with sounds connection to letter [...]

    4. We all love this one Almost 18 Month Old is starting to read this herself by either saying the word if she knows and can say it Apple or making animal sounds Moo at the appropriate page She does a very good Owl impression.

    5. The pictures in this book are amazing Perfect for capturing the attention of toddlers The book also gives beginning letter sounds for multiple objects.

    6. Title ABC A Child s First Alphabet BookAuthor Alison JayIllustrator Genre Alphabet BookTheme s Letters, Animals, Nature Opening line sentence A is for apple Brief Book Summary This is an alphabet book that goes through the pages listed the a letter in the alphabet, in the correct order, with something that starts with that letter A lot of the listed images are of animals and the pages clearly illustrated what the letter word is Professional Recommendation Review 1 Beverley Fahey Children s Liter [...]

    7. Title ABC a Child s First Alphabet BookAuthor Alison JayIllustrator N AGenre Alphabet BookTheme s Alphabet, Animals Opening line sentence Aa a is for apple Brief Book Summary The alphabet is used from start to finish using letter to picture correspondence Each letter is accompanied by a common word or phrase that would be easy for children to associate and connect to Illustrations are well done, but contain a cracked appearance, which is a unique addition to the text Professional Recommendation [...]

    8. Title ABC A Child s First Alphabet BookAuthor Illustrator Alison JayGenre ConceptThemes Picture Book, ABCPlot Summery ABC A Child s First Alphabet Book is a concept book that teaches kids the different letters of the English alphabet In this book Alison Jay came up with great looking pictures and identified each letter with an object In her pictures she used foreshadowing by including the next letters picture somewhere on the previous page There were a few letters that I believe could be misinte [...]

    9. Jay, Alison ABC A Child s First Alphabet Book Dutton Children s Books, 2003 32 p Gr Pr K KPlot Summary From apple to zoo and everything in between Alison Jay fills her alphabet book with many symbolic items that coincide with each letter Be sure to look closely because there are hidden clues between the pages that hint at what to expect next Each time a child flips through the pages they are sure to discover something new, tucked away like a secret treasure The vintage looking illustrations fill [...]

    10. Jay, Alison ABC A Child s First Alphabet Book Dutton Children s Books, 2003 ABC engages young children and allows for the connection between letter and word for the entire alphabet The entire alphabet is included and depicted by something that is easy for young children to connect to As the title states, this is most likely for children s first acquisition of the alphabet and is most likely one of the first times children are introduced to the English alphabet It is likely that young children wo [...]

    11. ABC A Child s First Alphabet Book by Alison Jay features an object and sentence for each letter and beautiful illustrations with other objects for which to seach Jay s whimsical, beautiful illustrations feature a sentence and object for each letter of the alphabet, upper and lower case letters, and other objects to search for using a list at the back of the book if needed There s a reference to an object starting with the next letter in each picture My favorite images include the cover, cow, dog [...]

    12. When I first received this board book as a gift, I had to suppress a groan A child s first alphabet book This wouldn t even be interesting the first time I read it through to my 15 month old, but on the 61st reading that he would no doubt insist on, I could be pretty darn sure I would be sick of the alphabet.I was so wrong The illustrations, first and foremost, are gorgeous Each page presents the letter in upper and lower cases, and then features a beautiful main image to represent the letter In [...]

    13. This book is a great alphabet book for preschool through first grade The book goes through the whole alphabet and says one word with a picture to go along with it that starts with that letter The pictures in this book are both colorful and also unique because they have a cracked shell look to them Some of the words are a little tricky, such as yacht The children could look at these words when learning about different letter combinations In the classroom students could make their own pictures of [...]

    14. At first I thought, Oh great, another ABC book The illustrations were nice enough, but how boring, right A is for apple etc, etc As we read through it, however, I began to see its brilliance.The text doesn t go beyond G is for giraffe, but I happened to notice that the giraffe was wearing glasses And gloves And he s gardening So many G words The author loaded the illustrations with things like this for the reader to discover I think I pulled out every P word on that page during the early reads, [...]

    15. Colorful scenes illustrate the 26 letters you know and love.This worked a little better as a fresh alphabet book for me It had illustrations of things that kids knew and related to, and presented them in a unique, colorful and interesting style There s plenty to look at and find and little hands like the board book format.

    16. Plot Summary This book might be a simple ABC book but the paintings pictures are beautiful to look at Each page looks like it is cracked and gives an antique look which looks really cool This book goes through the alphabet and each page is a letter and an animal, an object, a person, ect.hing that certain letter Classroom Connections With most ABC books you can introduce the alphabet using this book You can read through the book and ask the child what the object is and introduce the letter by co [...]

    17. I wasn t especially impressed when I first saw this book A is for apple, B is for balloon, C is for cow, basic stuff The only thing interesting was X marks the spot instead of X is for X ray or Xylophone.Then I realized that I d seen many of the creatures in Z is for zoo earlier in the book.So I re read it Several re reads later, I realized that there was a tentative story in this book Do the women and the man love each other They write letters Hearts are a periodic motif The woman paints, the m [...]

    18. An ABC board book with a twist Each letter is represented with one large object Apple and the text provides both uppercase and lowercase letters A is for apple Also, in the illustrations are smaller objects begin with that same letter and an object that introduces the next letter This gives the audience an opportunity to expand their vocabulary by finding or having the objects pointed out to them The board book also has a wordless narrative within the illustrations Early Literacy Skills Letter K [...]

    19. ABC A Child s First Alphabet Book, by Alison Jay, is an adorable book that any pre school or young child would enjoy reading, because it is all about the alphabet Children will be able to easily read the book because it is the alphabet that they are learning or have learned with images that start with the letter in the page This is a book that needs to be in a pre school and kindergarten classroom, so students can begin to create a confidence in themselves to start their reading journey Some stu [...]

    20. An absolutely beautiful alphabet book There are dozens of glowing reviews of this book and I agree with all of them A few things I ll add My husband and I have rather different tastes in art and yet we both loved the illustrations They re whimsical and clever and fun I like how while every page has one main object that starts with that letter, but you can also find There s a hidden narrative told through the pictures Each page gives hints to what has come before and what is going to happen late [...]

    21. Beautifully watercolor illustrated book with almost folk artwork, made to look like cracked porcelain or a really old painting Each page features an upper and lowercase letter vowel with a description, i.e B is for balloon and the illustration features a large painting of a balloon Also in each picture are other things that begin with that letter, such as in the B page there is a bumblebee, butterfly and ball It s almost a game for the kids to name the other items on the page that begin with the [...]

    22. A quietly brilliant alphabet book Each quirky illustration not only connects, imagistically, to its precedent, but also contains picture references to additional words sharing the same first letter Dd is not only for dog, but also doughnut, dish, doll, duck, and dance Jay s signature technique in ABC engages young children in their language discovery through characteristic warm and bright artwork, in a volume that surely begs re reading.

    23. A beautifully illustrated alphabet book that covers kid themes including animals, food and things in the home The traditional illustrations capture the whimsy of childhood gone by For the right child, this book will become a hardcover keepsake of learning their letters My child is not the right child, but this remains a book of interest nonetheless In the library rotation Our library book is hard cover with paper pages and has a different cover illustration.

    24. My five year old son picked this book out from the library this week He likes his ABC books The text of this book is very simple much like many ABC books but the illustrations are spectacular and absolutely gorgeous And include than one item that matches the letter And are so much fun to look at.

    25. After a few pages, I thought this is a pretty simple ABC book, nice but simple But when I took a closer look at the illustrations, I realized that the book was really something special Every illustration offers a glimpse into the next illustration Readers will enjoy the fun of searching for clues.

    26. This book is absolutely beautiful The images are presented in such a way as to make them seem like paintings that have cracked and faded after many years of weathering Each page has both the upper and lower case versions of the letters in question, and the images correspond to those letters, as well It is a gorgeous book.

    27. This book features gorgeous illustrations on every page The bright colors and simple outlines attract the attention of little eyes, but there is enough detail to the drawings that grown up eyes will find something new each time they read it.

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