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The Image By Jean de Berg Catherine Robbe-Grillet The Image Originally published in France in and immediately banned this novel concerns the sexual games of domination and punishment that take place between two women to which only the narrator has access
  • Title: The Image
  • Author: Jean de Berg Catherine Robbe-Grillet
  • ISBN: 9781902588698
  • Page: 189
  • Format: Paperback
  • The Image By Jean de Berg Catherine Robbe-Grillet Originally published in France in 1958 and immediately banned, this novel concerns the sexual games of domination and punishment that take place between two women to which only the narrator has access.
    The Image By Jean de Berg Catherine Robbe-Grillet
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      Jean de Berg Catherine Robbe-Grillet

    About "Jean de Berg Catherine Robbe-Grillet"

    1. Jean de Berg Catherine Robbe-Grillet

      A pseudonym of Catherine Robbe Grillet.

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    1. The hardcover Grove Press copy, clocking in at 143 pages, makes this book a pretty fast read, that is, if it weren t so pathetically boring I know I know, Susan Sontag has blessed it with true literary status, as have countless others starving for a good erotic read But I never got the point I never believed in anybody or anything I never had any stake in it There was nothing of me involved with anything that mattered Early on I figured the book was obviously written by somebody from high societ [...]

    2. Catherine Robbe Grillet, como fot grafa e dominatrix, tem um olho bem treinado no assunto e descreve as cenas de maneira visualmente impec vel, mas como tenho uma queda por dominatrices que lidam com homens submissos, vou ficar devendo uma nota maior, embora o lance da sua escrava ser na realidade o seu duplo de fato bem engenhoso.

    3. Here s one bdsm power scenario tale that is actually about someone showing a potential lover how they would like to be loved, just as much as it is about sex and the film isn t half bad either.One of the best books to be read at night esp by chapter to a lover over the phone.Came across a few copies by chance in a great beatnik used bookstore A very petite novel, but one abounding cautiously and strangely with a menage cast of characters who care very much for one another it seems, in the face o [...]

    4. I read this when I was far too young for it I picked it up again for the Kindle 80 cents and am pleased to find that the book is as good as I remembered it Naughty, literate filth from the late 1950s, by the New Wave novelist and film maker Alain Robbe Grillet and his wife Catherine Enthusiastically recommended for those of a perverse bent

    5. Sadomasochistisch cultverhaal uit 1956 van Jean de Berg vermoedelijk pseudoniem van Cath rine Robbe Grillet , met een voorwoord van en opgedragen aan Pauline R age van Histoire d O Stijlvol maar weinig diepgaand en te veel opgesmukt met de Franse slag.

    6. I ve never seen Radley Metzger s 1970s porno filming of this novella retitled The Punishment of Anne but reading this I can visualize it shot by shot and scene by scene I can see women in retro garb but with late 60s faces shot through gauze on semi grainy film acting woodenly with voices that aren t exactly synched properly Maybe I m all wrong about the film I have seen other Metzger movies, which I generally like, so I do have some experience the black and white Therese and Isabelle is a parti [...]

    7. Quite good Not particularly raunchy, but still Quite good As I mentioned earlier, my attention was drawn to this book after reading about an essay not the essay itself, but an article about the essay by Susan Sontag called The Pornographic Imagination In that essay, she mentions this book along with four others as examples of pornographic literature I would say that this is a fun read, but compared to the kind of stuff that people write today, it s scarcely pornographic I would say the same abou [...]

    8. The movie adaption was named The Punishment of Anne , which is either misleading or somewhat subtle The significant punishment is of Claire I got the sense that Anne was the surrogate The Image for a younger Claire who was abused The connection between the two was reinforced when Claire showed Jean a series of photos of Anne, with a photo of Claire, her head cropped out, as the last one When Jean asked if they re all of Anne, Claire said they were Which perhaps means, on another level, they wer [...]

    9. I don t know what to tell you If you liked Story of O, I guess you ll like this.Erotic fiction in general is pretty trite and boring I m just not sure where it fits in with the entire breadth of literature I don t mean it shouldn t be written, or read, I just don t think TEXT is the best form of porn Maybe 100 years ago it made sense But todayt so much.I guess 50 Shades of Gray might put up an argument, but it s a cowardly form of pornography for cowardly people It s the idea of doing something [...]

    10. To summarize, I will pick the text from link The Image novel The Image is centered on a triangular relationship between the male narrator and two women, Anne and Claire The narrator is puzzled by the meaning of their behavior throughout, gradually accumulating clues which only make full sense in the closing chapter, when Anne is revealed as the mirror image of the woman he actually loves, Claire.It took long, for me, to understand where the story is going on It s mostly related to BDSM which is [...]

    11. This book was excellent my father gave it to me, little did he know that this book is very graphic I still read it though obviously There was so much detail put into this book, I was socaptivated by the detail, hence the title The Image you could imagine everything I tend to enjoy books when you re able to have a mental picture or mental movie I could not put this book down, only when my mom called me for dinnerhaha funny Anyways, I reccomend this book for someone with a mature mind, they ll val [...]

    12. A nice little read enabling us to get a glimpse of Parisian SM life in the 50s with a trio of actors who are not shy to get into it devotedly This erotica story has also got a sort of cinema like style of describing the characters and especially the way they move this opinion might be directly linked to the fact that actually both of the writers behind the Jean De Berg pseudonym were involved into the seventh art environment as well.

    13. After reading the Vanity Fair piece on Catherine Robbe Grillet, I admit, I was utterly fascinated Hunted down the book on the Internet and the rest, as they say, is history It s a pretty intense read, enough to make most people blush and maybe tingle, if they are into that kinda thing I always have a slight issue with translated works, but will refrain from comment until I actually read it in its orignal french.

    14. i read this book in 1967, in front of a live lobster tank at logan airport boston , totally fried on LSD it is provocative to put it on the feminist shelf it is wholly concerned with the sadistic torment of a young innocent woman by jaded aristocrats jelinek, sebold

    15. Very disappointed in this book I found it boring and basically a waste of time If you are interested in why I did not like it, and about what I do like and why, I have written a review of THE IMAGE here hubpages hub Sex Without L

    16. Problematic at times but gets the job done Maybe it was just chaffing to me the end at least but who am I to argue with Susan Sontag Some v charming moments too

    17. My favorite book that deals with sexuality If you re into the bdsm lifestyle, this is a much better read than The Story of O.

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