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Fakers By Meg Collett Fakers An alternate cover edition can be found here Kyra Aberdeen is a YouTube sensation Her bubbling personality and fresh beauty capture her audience each week but they don t know the truth she s just fak
  • Title: Fakers
  • Author: Meg Collett
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 274
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Fakers By Meg Collett An alternate cover edition can be found here.Kyra Aberdeen is a YouTube sensation Her bubbling personality and fresh beauty capture her audience each week, but they don t know the truth she s just faking it Beneath the surface of light hearted smiles is a simmering darkness threatening to pull Kyra under When Kyra moves to Canaan Island and buys her deceased mother s chAn alternate cover edition can be found here.Kyra Aberdeen is a YouTube sensation Her bubbling personality and fresh beauty capture her audience each week, but they don t know the truth she s just faking it Beneath the surface of light hearted smiles is a simmering darkness threatening to pull Kyra under When Kyra moves to Canaan Island and buys her deceased mother s childhood home, she hopes to confront the lurking shadows haunting her every step But when she meets her grumpy contractor, even her best laid plans start to unravel Hale Cooper is as brutally honest as he is intriguing He hates fakers, and isn t afraid to call Kyra on her false personality Yet, she is drawn to him, and the unexpected attraction to a man who challenges her to be her true self lands her in unchartered waters But if she lowers her guard and allows herself to be honest with Hale, will the darkness creep in too This book is recommended for mature readers due to some sexual content and language Cutting is represented in this book, and scenes may be considered triggering to some.
    Fakers By Meg Collett
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      Meg Collett

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    1. Meg Collett

      Meg Collett is from the hills of Tennessee where the cell phone service is a blessing and functioning internet is a myth of epic proportions She and her husband live in a tiny house with three dogs and not enough couches She s the author of the bestselling Fear University series, the End of Days trilogy, and the Canaan Island novels Find out at her website megcollett.

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    1. ARC provided by author in exchange of honest review 4 Being Real Stars ReadySet GoSMILE Behind the smile and bubbly personality of Youtube blogger sensation, Kyra Aberdeen lies a broken girl with emotional and physical scars to prove it Kyra has perfected being FAKE for her family, friends, and followers What others don t know is that behind the facade, is a young woman dealing with secrets, depression, a death of a mother, and feelings of abandonment from her grandparents Simply, Kyra is barely [...]

    2. FakersMeg Collett 5 Emotional Stars ARC given by the author in exchange for an honest review The story is about pretending to be someone else, acting like nothing is bothering you and that everything is just perfect BUT deep down no one has any idea what s really going on with you and how you re really feeling deep inside No one will understand how you really feel because it s your body and mind It s you Kyra is a YouTuber, who is all smiles on camera but in reality has her own demons and tries [...]

    3. Kyra Aberdeen, has moved home Well at least to the home her mother grew up in An old victorian that needs a lot of work She bought the house because, she needed closure Her mother had become addicted to drugs, ended up in prision pregnant, and then killed herself when Kyra was just a baby Her grandparents, disowned her mother, and when she was born, wanted nothing to do with her So her uncle and aunt raised her Another reason for needing the closure, is Krya suffers from depression, and when the [...]

    4. I received this arc for an honest review I m trying to gather my thoughts emotions as I write this because it was an emotional read Right off the bat I knew it was gonna get to me at the dedication The author dedicated this book to those who struggle with darkness This book has some serious subject matter alcoholism, depression cutting This story is about Kyra trying to fake her way to happiness to battle the darkness within She moves to the island of Canaan where her mother grew up in hopes to [...]

    5. I enjoyed reading this book I loved watching Kyra grow as a character I loved watching her find a piece of her missing soul I love the reconnection she was experiencing from a part in her life she felt was missing I wanted to laugh, I wanted to cry, I wanted to fan myself with all the Hot and Spicy part I just loved all the Characters Stevie was a hoot She had me rolling, loved her dearly Loved Hale, even though he frustrated me at times I love Kyra, even though she focused so much on the outsid [...]

    6. Sappy The most depressed meets the grumpiest most miserable and they change each other and live happily ever after.

    7. First things first Kudos to the author for putting a warning on the blurb This book is recommended for mature readers due to some sexual content and language Cutting is represented in this book, and scenes may be considered triggering to some I saw this book as a free download on and the cover intrigue me not a typical romance cover and having read the blurb I realised that this had the potential to be something a lot meatier than the usual saccharine pap so often written I would like to write a [...]

    8. 3.5 it was originally a 3 but that ending was pretty good, but it may be triggering for some people so I would read with caution It was a cute read, there were some things that were kind of annoying but nothing that stopped me from continuing on.

    9. A copy given by author, in return for an honest review The Fakers is a story about a girl who lives through life with a fake smile on her face, one who doesn t let anyone in She is a YouTube sensation, who has major followers Even her followers never saw the real her, everyone just lets her by with her fakeness Until Hale that is.Hale called her out on her bulls the first chance he got Hale was all about being real and he cannot stand fake people at all He told her the truth, even if it hurt her [...]

    10. Fakers is such a sweet and romantic story You will love the characters and their cute banters throughout the story As soon as I began reading I couldn t put it down because I needed to know if Kyra would get her mom s childhood home fixed and if her and Hale would find a way to be together and be real with one another Kyra is such a sweet and wonderful character I loved that she took a leap of faith and moved to her mom s childhood home in hopes to feel closer to her But I worried about her thro [...]

    11. First I want to say, I am absolutely floored Meg is a new author and I fell in love with her stories before she even had the first one published The End of Days series is a paranormal series with Angels and Demons So when she said she would be writing a romance, I knew I would give it a shot even though I just can never get into them I didn t have high hopes for enjoying Fakers because I like fantasy and paranormal Boy did Meg blow me away I fell in love with all of the characters in this story, [...]

    12. So I read Meg Collett s End of Days series and fell in love with her beautiful writing I was granted the pleasure of being one of the first to read her soon to be released novel, Fakers In Faker s you will meet Kyra, a beautiful and bright young woman, seemingly on top of the world with a successful career and a new home owner But we soon discover there s to her than a pretty smile and a banging body Kyra has a darkness in her and she has mastered the art of hiding or faking it But then comes i [...]

    13. 2.5 starsNew Adult books are clearly not for me I was looking forward to this one if that s the right term , because the heroine struggles with the serious issue of self injury The characters were caricature ish and a little flat I m also not sure how I feel about how SI is dealt with, especially one specific incident I applaud Collett for incorporating it though, which is basically never done.I ended up kind of skimming substantial sections, because I just couldn t get into it There was an over [...]

    14. This book had me confused I loved the way it began, all light and bubbly and fun Then it fell over the edge and left me wondering what happened.The main character, Kyra, is a broken person She hides her darkness behind her smile and bubbly personality Moving to her mother s childhood home and beginning a restoration have been on her bucket list Living in the same community with her cold, hateful grandmother is painful and triggers an emotional rollercoaster Kyra s contractor, Hale, is an outcast [...]

    15. I enjoyed this read It definitely came around and lived up to its title since everyone was having to fake their feelings It did feel a little dark at the end and I wish that we had seen a little light before it concluded but in connection to the characters, I m glad that Kyra and Hale were able to balance each other and agree to work through their issues.

    16. I didn t dislike this book completely, but it certainly isn t one I d recommend or read again, it was just okay I had a few issues with things that just bugged me too much to let slide 1 Toward the beginning of the book Kyra makes a comment that either she doesn t swear or very rarely does, yet throughout the rest of the book she has quite the potty mouth.2 Kyra and Stevie become best friends after a week or two of living across the street from each other They barely know each other.3 Kyra claim [...]

    17. This book followed a story line I ve read before about a woman moving alone to an island to an old home and renovating it and falling in love with the contractor Of course this book had differences but the story was quite predictable and melodramatic Interesting how the characters move to a new place and immediately find their best friend and love of their life within a day or two.

    18. Fakers has one of the best group of characters I have read in a long time and I can honestly say this story is than just Kyra and Hale, it has Stevie and Cade along with all the eccentric residents of Canaan Island.Upon finishing Fakers I immediately downloaded book 2 Keepers which is Stevie s story.As I began highlighting favourite paragraphs because they touched my soul and gave me tingles it told me I am reading a beautiful love story and Faker s did not disappoint.The friendship between Ste [...]

    19. Though this story seems somewhat superficial in places and the dialogue sometimes a bit melodramatic, it delves into the significant subject of being an authentic person Through her main characters, Kyra and Stevie, Ms Collett focuses on those who struggle with mental illness or addiction but mask their struggles with fake cheerfulness and smiles She also briefly touches on the two faced personality that smiles and feigns kindness, but later shows disrespect and even contempt in the presence of [...]

    20. fakers By Meg CollettThis is a good romance book with some unusual twists It s full of broken people.The book is a quick read that maintains a steady pace It s not a thriller or action packed suspense , but readers won t be bored It s a good book for Young Adult readers and older.Kyra Aberdeen is a YouTube sensation Bright, bubbly, full of laughter and smiles Her whole life is a lie She s a faker Kyra has battled depression all her life The book begins as Kyra moves from California to Georgia to [...]

    21. Fake it till you make itKyra has no place in the world Her mother died in prison and her aunt and uncle did their best to raise a girl who was likely a reminder of everything wrong in the family She struggles with the darkness and the feeling of never belonging anywhere So she does what lots of girls do she makes herself into what society expects and plasters on a smile Only it s not enough to keep the darkness at bay So she starts over in the house that was her mother s That s where Hale comes [...]

    22. 3.75 4 Faker Stars Kyra Aberdeen has had a rough life She never knew her mother She was reluctantly raised by her aunt and uncle Her grandmother hates her She s always had to put on a happy face so no one knows the hurt she carries inside Hale Cooper is a surly construction worker who is doing the reno on Kyra s home He hates fakers and he can tell that Kyra is faking just about everything He taunts and torments her just to get an honest reaction Can they truly open up to one another One fateful [...]

    23. This story is an emotional rollercoasterKyra and Hale are wonderfully complex characters that you can help loving The supporting characters , Stevie and Cade, Hale s brother, are just as entertaining and give another dimension to the story I felt every emotion in the gamut while reading this well written work of art Meg Collett is a talented writter whose characters and plots draw you in and make you part of their lives Now finished with this book, I am an emotional wreck which means Meg did her [...]

    24. Another quick read that I actually found myself enjoying a lot There was a lovely depth to the characters that made it easy to root for them, flaws and all There were only a few moments that felt melodramatic, but they were all forgivable and in service to the larger message This wasn t a sappy romance novel I like those too , but rather a story of people looking to heal after recognizing they re a little broken Most of us can commiserate with that sentiment.

    25. Believable and BeautifuilThis story gets five stars because it hits so close to home for me All of us have dark places but for some of us it s a world of deep dark fear and sadness You can feel Kyras agony but you can also feel her need and want of normalcy in her life and her fight to get there.Beautifully written, I will read Meg College again.

    26. Nice handling of a difficult pair of topics.Ronance blossoms eveb for very flawed people This writer addresses the challenges that dealing with chronic mental illness adds to the complexities of navigating a budding romance.

    27. I gave this one a 2.4 stars I liked the concept of the book but it was a little hard to connect with and there wasn t really much character growth I would be interested in reading the next book just to see if the writing style improved.

    28. Excellent Loved the book It told a lot about the struggles people go through I don t understand how someone would cut themselves, but I guess we all hurt ourselves one way or another.

    29. Good read Light yet meaningful at the same time Humor and raw hard truth A perfect combination Had me crying at the emotional parts Well done Will read from her

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