Tell Me What You See #2020

Tell Me What You See By Zoran Drvenkar Chantal Wright Tell Me What You See Berlin The dead of night year old Alissa and her best friend Evelin make their secret Christmas pilgrimage to Alissa s father s grave This sets off a chain of nightmarish events that throws Alissa
  • Title: Tell Me What You See
  • Author: Zoran Drvenkar Chantal Wright
  • ISBN: 9781904442554
  • Page: 329
  • Format: Paperback
  • Tell Me What You See By Zoran Drvenkar Chantal Wright Berlin The dead of night 16 year old Alissa and her best friend Evelin make their secret Christmas pilgrimage to Alissa s father s grave This sets off a chain of nightmarish events that throws Alissa s life into turmoil.
    Tell Me What You See By Zoran Drvenkar Chantal Wright
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      Zoran Drvenkar Chantal Wright

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    1. Zoran Drvenkar Chantal Wright

      Zoran Drvenkar was born in Kri evci in Croatia in 1967 and moved to Berlin with his parents at the age of three He has been a writer since 1989, and his novels, poems, plays and short stories have won him numerous awards and prizes Zoran Drvenkar currently still lives in Berlin.In 2004 he wrote the childrens book Die Kurzhosengang under the pseudonym Victor Caspak Yves Lanois.

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    1. There are a lot of viewpoints floating around here There s Alissa, and her best friend Evelin, and Alissa s parents, and Evelin s girlfriend, and Alissa s ex boyfriend Too many viewpoints, probably, and certainly than was needed Especially when events from one chapter are repeated in another, from a slightly different point of view The viewpoints that are most used Alissa, Evelin, ex boyfriend Simon are distinctive enough, particularly Simon s But the other viewpoints, especially the ones that [...]

    2. Literally the weirdest book I ve ever read.Gave me the creeps and negative vibes And I didn t really get it.Yikes Of course I don t recommend this to ANYONE

    3. Tell Me What You See by Zoran Drevenkar is about a teenage girl, Alissa who lives in Berlin Every Christmas Alissa secretly visits her father s grave with her best friend, Evelin, but as they are searching Alissa falls into am old crypt While waiting for Evelin to get help she finds something The plant is growing out of a dead child s chest, 29 Little does Alissa know that soon the hypnotic plat will take hold of her as well Her friend Evelin helps her and stays with her through her entire terri [...]

    4. Alissa is the Winter Child Simon is the Loving One Evelin is the Best Friend Robert is the Step Father Elia and Aren are the Healers This all takes place in the winter of Berlin Alissa s dad died when she was young Every Christmas, Alissa visits her dad s grave with her best friend, Evelin This year, Alissa chose to go at night She has trouble finding her dad s grave in the dead of night When she steps into a pile of snow, she falls through a hole that leads to a crypt Evelin runs to get help, b [...]

    5. My daughter had this book from the library, and recommended it highly so I decided that even though I didn t have time, I d read it It s excellent Alissa s father died when she was young, and she and her mother have never got on since There s a stepfather and a half brother, both of whom are fine, but none of the family are central to the story Each year Alissa and her best friend Evelin make a Christmas night pilgrimage to her father s grave, but this year Alissa falls into a crypt and discover [...]

    6. Weird Yes But scary Not at all It s defined as a horror but there wasn t a single moment that was scary to me It was okay, interesting enough for me to finish it The ending was wonderful.

    7. I ve read some pretty weird books in my lifetime, but this one REALLY takes the cake for the weirdest book I ve ever read I think the problem with this book was I just didn t understand it Alissa makes some really weird impulsive decisions and whether or not she could have prevented them, I m not sure because the author and I were definitely not on the same page.I felt like it could have been a really cool story if the author slowed down and took a few minutes to explain what in the world was ha [...]

    8. I rate this book 2.5 stars It was an interesting book, to say the least.I didn t find this book to be very horror like, just weird Weird, ghostly, and somewhat creepy I really don t know how I feel about it.It was intriguing, though I wanted to find out what would happen, in a sense But, I also didn t really find myself picking up the book much, so it took me a while to finish it Other than that, it could have been a fast read.If you like books where there are things that you do not know and whe [...]

    9. This book was okay but kinda boring There wasn t enough information given about what was going on and even after finishing it I m still unsure of what it was all about Not as good as I was expecting

    10. This book was really odd Germans However, I ended up getting sucked in far than I thought I would, and it created quite an atmosphere of spooky tension In other words I got kinda scared reading it.

    11. This story was odd The beginning of the story had an eerie feel to it The plant growing out of a coffin had me wanting to know about it But it seemed that towards the middle of the book the story s paced was slow and it seemed to go on about the person s day Multiple POV s Each chapter was someone different but went along with the flow of the story The story didnt really get interesting till closer to the end But when the end came i was like oh.right.ol I thought it was a good story I just felt [...]

    12. Tell Me What You See is told from the perspective of multiple points of view but all of them tell the story of the teenage heroine Alissa When Alissa was young her father dies in a road accident Alissa misses her father and every year she goes to her father s grave on Christmas night along with her best friend Evelin The story told in the book happens during a period lasting for around a week starting from Christmas night Though it is snowing, Alissa and Evelin leave their homes after everyone h [...]

    13. Tell me what you see is a great book and I would highly recommend giving this book a go It s well written The author has made a great view on every character and their relationships within the novel Although the ending from my perspective, is that it was very quick and it seems as if the author did not really give much focus on how the relationship between the characters had changed in the end.Other than that, it was an amazing book and I d loved reading it.

    14. I bought this book ages ago and was never that desperate to start it, but as soon as I did finally open it the story swallowed me up The power of friendship or something of a romantic relationship transcends death in a really original way.

    15. Tell me what you see is about a girl named Alissa who every year on christmas night she goes and visits her fathers grave with her best friend Evelin One christmas night there isa a blizzard, but they still go out and try to find Alissa s fathers grave Alissa falls into a crypt where she finds a purple plant growing out of a child s casket While Evelin goes and gets her stepfather for help Alissa is stuck in the tomb She walks over to the child s casket and opens it She finds that the purple pla [...]

    16. When I bought it, I didn t realise that this book had originally been written in a different language I was a little wary, since I have not had very good luck with translated versions Many a time, I find that the translator rambles and produces very long sentences, when shorter ones would ve sufficed That being said, I decided to give this one a try, and I m glad I did For one, the translation was good with no long winded explanations The story was a little on the creepy side and it was quite ha [...]

    17. In Zoran Drvenkar s Tell Me What You See , Alissa and her best friend, Evelin, set off to the cemetery to visit Alissa s dad s grave, as they do every year on the day he died, coincidentally Christmas While attempting to scrape the snow of the hundreds of coated gravestones to read the names, Alissa mystically plummets into a subterranean crypt By candlelight, she stumbles into a pitch black room and is oddly inclined to open a young boy s casket that is lying there Growing out of the boy s ches [...]

    18. I chose this book simply because I had just finished the author s latest translated novel You and gave it the highest rating This is the only book by Drvenkar in my public library at the moment and I think it was only classified as fiction but perhaps I am wrong Anyway I have read several young adult books recommended by my grandchildren and admired them immensely But with this book I guess I am simply much, much too old So, sorry I had to be honest in rating and I can only say I am not sorry th [...]

    19. INHALT Als Alissa beim Besuch des Grabes ihres Vaters in eine Gruft gest rtzt ist und eine Blume, die aus dem K rper eines toten Junge gewachsen ist, gegessen hat, ist nichts mehr wie es einmal war Gestalten tauchen auf, ihr Ex Freund benimmt sich komisch und sie sieht Dinge, die andere nicht sehen MEINE MEINUNG Ich pers nlich finde, dass das Buch zu viele Perspektiven hatte 8 glaub ich Bei jedem Wechsel der Perspektive wurde das Ende der letzten Szene wiederholt, was jeglichen Schwung genommen [...]

    20. This book felt very twisted Saying it gave me shivers at some points are an understatement It felt very dark, hopeless, evilBut for some reason, I enjoyed it Translated, it was a little difficult to comprehend at times, but the main point came through This book sitting on my bookshelf seems to haunt me the benefit of having different perspectives is that you get a sense of how everyone feels, thinks and lives It was insane reading in Simon s perspective His uncontrollable urges and desires The w [...]

    21. On Christmas morning, Alissa and her best friend, Evelin, go to the cemetery to finds Alissa s father s grave When Alissa falls into a crypt, she finds something that she has never seen before When she goes home, things start happening to her Her ex boyfriend, Simon, starts stalking her Alissa is the Winter Child Everybody is born with a gift.This book was really good I loved to read it because you wouldn t know what was going to happen next I recommend it It s suspenseful, dramatic, and funny I [...]

    22. Do you have a best friend Are you a best friend After reading Tell Me What You See, by Zoran Drvenkar, I guarantee you will need to reevaluate what the term best friend means Alissa is going through a particularly hard Christmas this year, but best friend Evelin is willing to help by going to visit Alissa s father s grave on Christmas day An accident at the cemetery sets in motion a series of events and situations that no best friend should ever have to experience.

    23. i think this book was so interesting because it tells me about a girls life and how she changes really fast My favorite part of the book is when she is scared that her friend might be pregnant and they are really worried then they go to the hospital and then they get really happy because she isn t pregnant

    24. I just recently read this book for the second time, and I loved it just as much as when I read it the first time I really liked how the story went through most of the characters but still kept first person The plot line and story was really unique, and I really liked the characters I thought this book was awesome.

    25. I read this when I was a teenager, and I couldn t put the book down It s so creepy, but fascinating I absolutely LOVED it I never knew the name of it or the author for a long time, and recently I googled every possible key word I could remember, and finally found it Can t wait to read this again.

    26. This book was one of those where it feels like you are stepping in during the middle of a series It takes the majority of the book to explain somethings that would have made the book better had they been explained sooner.

    27. I have read this book multiple times and I have not gotten sick of it, not one bit.This is one of the only books that this author has translated into English If you want a twisted horror story with romance, death, and pure adrenaline this is the book for you.

    28. This book was odd and a little creepy but still a decent read I was a little put off by the constant switching of narrators since they all sounded the same to me I think the book would have been better if it had been written in third person.

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