While You Were Gone #2020

While You Were Gone By Amy K. Nichols While You Were Gone An artist without a cause meets a rebel without a clue Eevee is a promising young artist and the governor s daughter in a city where censorship is everywhere and security is everything When a fire dev
  • Title: While You Were Gone
  • Author: Amy K. Nichols
  • ISBN: 9780385753937
  • Page: 421
  • Format: Hardcover
  • While You Were Gone By Amy K. Nichols An artist without a cause meets a rebel without a clue.Eevee is a promising young artist and the governor s daughter in a city where censorship is everywhere and security is everything When a fire devastates her exhibition years in the making her dreams of attending an elite art institute are dashed She s struggling to find inspiration when she meets Danny, a boy from aAn artist without a cause meets a rebel without a clue.Eevee is a promising young artist and the governor s daughter in a city where censorship is everywhere and security is everything When a fire devastates her exhibition years in the making her dreams of attending an elite art institute are dashed She s struggling to find inspiration when she meets Danny, a boy from a different world Literally.Raised in a foster home, Danny has led a life full of hurt and hardship until a glitch in the universe changes everything Suddenly Danny is living in a home he s never seen, with parents who miraculously survived the car crash that should have killed them It s like he s a new Danny But this alternate self has secrets ties to an underground anarchist group that have already landed him in hot water When he starts to develop feelings for Eevee, he s even disturbed to learn that he might have started the fire that ruined her work.As Danny sifts through clues from his past and Eevee attempts to piece together her future, they uncover a secret that s bigger than both of them And together, they must correct the breach between the worlds before it s too late.
    While You Were Gone By Amy K. Nichols
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      Amy K. Nichols

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    1. Amy K. Nichols

      Amy K Nichols has been crafting stories for as long as she can remember She is the author of YA science fiction novel Now That You re Here, to be published by Knopf December 9, 2014 The follow up, While You Were Gone, will be published in 2015 She is mentored by award winning crime novelist James Sallis and lives on the edge of the Sonoran desert with her husband and children Amy is a member of SCBWI and SFWA, as well as the Class of 2K14 debut authors Visit her online at amyknichols.

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    1. After reading book 1 in this series and being completely blown away, I opened this book with high expectations and Amy K Nichols doesn t disappoint in the second half of her Duplexity series Book one told one story and book two tells the second part of that story only from a different perspective Sort of All this is very hard to explain This is a book of parallel worlds if that gives you any clue as to what I mean above In book one we meet Danny and Evee, and in book two, we meet Danny and Evee [...]

    2. I want to thank Knopf books for young readers for providing me with a copy of this book to read and give an honest review Receiving this book for free has in no way altered my opinion or review.I really enjoyed the first book in this series I have a thing for well planned out time travel books This one did it right So of course I was happy to be able to read the second book in this series to see what was happening on the other side while the first book was in progress.This book is basically the [...]

    3. Although this sequel had action and less science, I didn t like it as much as the previous book in the series, Now That You re Here The world building was good, although I had to suspend my disbelief when it came to these kids getting away with everything they did It seems like with all that security, it would have been much difficult not to get noticed.Something I loved was the way Danny s parents were portrayed I m always glad to see adults being written as caring people who want the best fo [...]

    4. The first half of this book was sooooo slow, it was interesting and had ideas that hooked you, but it lagged The last 5 chapters though, were the best ones from the whole book.

    5. Why you should read it I love the idea behind parallel worlds, and Amy Nichols gives readers something even interesting we get to see the couples from both parallel worlds While You Were Gone is the sequel to Now That You re Here, and in this installment we get to see the other Danny and Eevee The author did a fantastic job in differentiating between the two Dannys and the two Eevees I recommend this for any fan of parallel universe stories and YAERVIEW WITH AMY NICHOLSHow was writing this vers [...]

    6. I m not sure what I wanted from book two but I know this is not it I wanted answers that book one left me with but instead I get the story of what happened to Danny when he went to the other parallel world I think I would have rather had it start off with the real Danny coming back to artist Eevee s world then what was happening at the same time book one was taking place I did not feel I connected with this Eevee as much as in the first story, everything seemed to be toned down which made no sen [...]

    7. Extremely satisfying and thrilling second book, one that wrapped things up in a way that leads you to imagine a very interesting future for Danny and Eevee on both worlds.

    8. I started this book with low expectations The main characters in the book were made out to be unlike able characters in the last book I didn t think I d want to read a whole book from the perspective of 2 unlikable characters But it turned out to be a good story, and answered some unanswered questions in the last book.

    9. Fast moving A Phoenix with an ocean now that s the universe I d pick Enjoyable to map out the other Phoenix as The reader follows Danny and Evee through artistic endeavors and government conspiracies.

    10. 4.5 Stars While You Were Gone is the second book in a young adult science fiction duology that centers around the concepts of parallel universes and multiverse theory The main characters from the first book are back kind of Because one of the biggest aspects of the story is the existence of parallel universes, we get Eevee and Danny only they re the Eevee and Danny from completely different worlds than the first book I hope that made sense In essence, they re the same characters the ones in this [...]

    11. This is the sequel to Now That You re Here, in which a boy named Danny gets thrown into a parallel universe, with the Danny in the regular world whose life isn t the greatest now in an alternate version of Phoenix under military law, whereas the Danny from the alternate Phoenix whose home life is otherwise great falls into the regular Phoenix The first book was the story of Danny falling in love with Eevee in the regular world while also trying to get home and figure out what happened this book [...]

    12. See this review and on my blog, Lilybloombooks4.5 starsAfter reading the first book, Now That Your Here, I was excited to dive into While You Were Gone and see the somewhat continuation of Danny and Eevee s story See, but it s not really a continuation It s an additional story one that ties into the events of the first book but yet, stands alone in its greatness.In the first book, Danny jumps into Eevee s world from his own parallel universe In this book, we get the story of the Danny FROM Eeve [...]

    13. I don t know what to think in this book I mean the first book was amazing and mind blowing, and when I got the news that this series was getting a sequel, I was so excited And then Netgalley had it, so I had to request it, then I was approved, and read it in a couple of hours because I needed to know what happened after that horrible ending in the orecious book One word disappointment I mean, I like the fact that this tells what happens after the events of the first book, but told differently We [...]

    14. An exciting, fast paced and gripping read, WHILE YOU WERE GONE is the much anticipated follow up in Amy K Nichols Duplexity series that tells the story of the other Eevee and Danny From their alternating points of view, a world is revealed that is quite different from the one we know and distinctive characters, who have only the vaguest of similarities to the ones we ve previously met, are introduced It is fascinating and suspenseful and an absolute must read sequel.Set in a parallel universe wh [...]

    15. This is the companion book to Now That You re Here That first book introduced us to Danny and Eevee and the concept of a parallel universe Little bit of dystopia, little bit of romance, little bit nerdy, lot of fun Two Dannys move to the other s universer, exchanging bodies and lives In the first book, we meet the Danny from a Phoenix Arizona that is nothing like our Phoenix it s comes up to the Pacific Ocean, so that means California and Nevada must be gone That world is a dystopia, and that wo [...]

    16. Originally posted hereWhile You Were Gone, the second in the Duplexity duology threw me for a loop I, thankfully, was able to read it right after the first book in the series, which I found helpful because I was still in that world That Phoenix The problem of course is that the Phoenix in While You Were Gone is so completely different from the first Phoenix Even the Eevee and Danny I fell in love with are completely different What I did enjoy was the fact that parts that didn t make sense in the [...]

    17. The story Here s the flip side of the story started in Now That You re Here , with Our World s Danny finding himself in an ocean front Phoenix and slightly dystopian US, bumping into Eevee, the governor s artistic daughter As in the other story, it s pretty much love at first sight here, stoner Danny learns that his parents dead in a car accident in his world are still alive that he has a normal life and a best friend, Germ and that the two boys occasionally carry out spray painted acts of vanda [...]

    18. I really enjoyed seeing what happened in the other universe It s very different than what we have going on here The glimpses we saw from book 1 were all explained Worth the read.

    19. These days, even in our fantasies we can t escape the dragnet of government surveillance Getting pulled over by cops on the way to the inland seas of our imagination The place of art, both street and high, in a society where conformity trumps all other virtues These are just some of the things author Amy K Nichols meditates upon in her epically readable second novel, While You Were Gone I read it fast, oblivious to the passage of hours, never having to peak ahead for a chapter break It s a page [...]

    20. In book one Eevee is a science geek in an Arizona high school who meets Danny, a boy who has been transported here from another dimension She falls in love, but tries to help him get home.In book two, we meet Eevee and Danny in that other dimension, that other Arizona In this dimension, Eevee is the artist daughter of the governor and Danny s parents are still alive and he s working for an anti government group In this AZ, compliance is valued, art is censored, and the govt is setting up a surve [...]

    21. I have to say that I enjoyed the first book much than this one NOW THAT YOU RE HERE was a unique and quick read I loved the concept A teenage boy switches places with another version of himself when he gets pulled into a different dimension Each book of the duology is told from one of the boy s perspectives The first book was packed with cool sci fi elements and wonderful friendships There was also a cute little romance between Danny and the new dimension s Eevee I actually thought I might find [...]

    22. 2.5 starsI really enjoyed NOW THAT YOU RE HERE, the first book in the Duplexity duology, so I was expecting another fun read this time I m sorry to say that for the most part, this was a pretty booking book The sweet, slow burn romance from the first book isn t present at all In fact this Eevee and Danny don t even really connect up until halfway through the book Danny does his thing tagging and Eevee does hers painting and it s all just rather dull The other strike against the romance is that i [...]

    23. Read my full review at blackwords whitepagesteenya.blAfter reading the first book and loving it, I decided that I needed to read the second book a try and boy am I glad that I did too This is the flip side to Danny and how the characters play a different role in it This book is just as incredible as the first one and I found myself just as glued to it as I did the first book It s an amazing story that answers a lot of questions that made me slightly confused while reading the first book It s an [...]

    24. Not that great of a sequel as I d hoped.It just wasn t the same It didn t feel the same, didn t have the appeal as the first book These versions of Eevee and Danny didn t quite pull at my heartstrings like in Now That You re Here, which is kind of ridiculous since they re practically the same people Unlike the romance in the first book, the romance in While You Were Gone was flat and boring I wasn t rooting for this universe s Eevee and Danny as much as the other I wasn t invested in their stori [...]

    25. Fuckkk I need a third book just because I can t let go of these characters reviewing it better this weekend 3 11 16 WHILE YOU WERE GONE left me with just as many feels as NOW THAT YOU RE HERE Plus a whole lot These are the same characters that I fell in love with in NOW THAT YOU RE HERE, but not really WHILE YOU WERE GONE is what went down while Danny from the dystopian universe was away.It was really intriguing to see all the same characters in a parallel world How they had completely differen [...]

    26. This was a nice way to wrap up the story and tie in all 4 characters In the first book the reader is given a glimpse into Universe 1 and how someone from Universe 2 swapped places with his doppelg nger and in this book we get to see what happened in Universe 2 with the boy from Universe 1 The ending was pretty interesting and I don t understand that question that will pop up afterwards But what about their families and friends and lives Does love really conquer all that 3 Stars Thanks Edelweiss. [...]

    27. I enjoyed the first book better I think because I felt like that Eevee and Danny had a better connection However, I think the author did a great job of making the second book easy to understand since it was a completely different world with different rules I felt like the only thing that was missing was a final chapter when the Eevee and Danny from the first book were reunited again It was definitely a different love story and I enjoyed both books.

    28. If possible, I think I might have loved this book even than the first book During the first book, I thought of the original Danny and the alternate Eevee as almost evil, but, during this book, I fell in love with both of them just as much as I did with alternate Danny and original Eevee Such great writing and wonderful characters This author truly has a gift and I hope that she writes books very soon.

    29. I have to admit I did not read book 1, I still enjoyed this one Interesting to see a life in two different worlds Characters are unique the worlds are not so different that they re annoying The next book would be worthwhile to read as while I m going to need to get book 1 now I received this ARC through Netgalley.

    30. Although While You Were Gone sticks to clich d concepts, the author molds the novel into something spectacular by adding a bigger conflict than just whether or not the two characters will be together in the end Instead, readers fear for the lives of some of the characters and are kept on edge about what is really happening Read the full review on The Young Folks tinyurl hkts8en

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