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Dragon By Finley Aaron Dragon Dragon Book One of the Dragon Eye series Ilsa has been afraid of dragons ever since she saw them in the sky the night she was chased from her village as a child Now a decade later she d love to retu
  • Title: Dragon
  • Author: Finley Aaron
  • ISBN: 9781503235014
  • Page: 433
  • Format: Paperback
  • Dragon By Finley Aaron Dragon Book One of the Dragon Eye series Ilsa has been afraid of dragons ever since she saw them in the sky the night she was chased from her village as a child Now, a decade later, she d love to return to the place she once called home if only she knew where to find home Truth is, Ilsa doesn t know who she is She only knows her father left her in the care of a guy nameDragon Book One of the Dragon Eye series Ilsa has been afraid of dragons ever since she saw them in the sky the night she was chased from her village as a child Now, a decade later, she d love to return to the place she once called home if only she knew where to find home Truth is, Ilsa doesn t know who she is She only knows her father left her in the care of a guy named Ram, who teaches her swordsmanship in a butcher shop until the day when it s safe for her to continue home But it may never be safe, and their enemies are closing in Ilsa and Ram are being hunted, and they must flee through the dangers that bar them from their homeland.The journey will require all their skill and strength, but it will also uncover the secrets of who Ilsa is and where she belongs She s always longed for the truth, but once she learns it, can she accept it Is she a dragon And do those ancient monsters even deserve to live
    Dragon By Finley Aaron
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      Finley Aaron

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      Finley Aaron grew up reading books of all sorts and believes the best stories are in the ones in which things happen And the best sorts of things to happen in books are the very things that so rarely happen in real life, for they christen the doldrums of our days with that spark of life that reminds us things can happen to us, too, if we are trained and ready when the adventures come to meet us.Finley likes to laugh, and doesn t mind at all if readers laugh while reading these books, for in fact they were written with an impish, barely suppressed humor that peeks out and winks at odd moments If you re paying attention you ll spot them before they duck away

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    1. Rating 4.1 starsWow, this book really surprised me The characters were pretty good, although I felt like the villian wasn t really all that villianly I mean sure, she did some pretty bad stuff but not enough to make me see her like a villian, if you know what I mean Plus, she only made one appearance in the whole story Romance Not gonna lie, I really enjoyed the romance in Dragon Ram and Isla are so cute together I think my favorite thing about this couple is how they re very compatible together [...]

    2. Exciting, edge of your seat read I read the book in one day and enjoyed it very much The main character, Ilsa, is a young butcher with a troubled past Not far into the book, she and her friend, mentor, and also butcher Ram are forced to leave and go back to her home with a mysterious man Her past is hunting her but her past isn t the only thing.The characters are developed well Their characters make sense with the story The descriptions were great a hard thing to do while writing in first person [...]

    3. I received this book free through First Reads.I enjoyed this book The characters in the story have a duality that I was not expecting before I started the book It was also unique when this story took place not in history but a current time A different take on dragons, and their motives ,as well as a mini short love story.I just wish it would have been longer,so we could get to know the main characters a bit better I will be reading the second part of this series in the future.

    4. I liked this so much I bought the next book and read it before I thought to rate this one I should probably give it five stars but know that the editing needs work The story is fresh, fun, and has a great voice I am looking forward to reading in this series.

    5. Dragon, the first book of the Dragon Eye series, was a fairly gripping page turner, that does surprise the reader with the modern time the series is set in It is an A to B journey story that has use follow along with the protagonist, Ilsa as she discoverers the truth surrounding the mysteries of her life, and the comes to terms with them for good or ill As the title suggest Dragons are involved and it is worth a read I would reread the book even if it was not the first book of a series Dragon co [...]

    6. A fun story which could have been really good Finley s sense of humour shines through in this new YA dragon adventure in which our heroine meat butcher aka don t want to spoil the plot here person of significance from Eastern Europe aka target of a love triangle takes on the bad guys as she struggles to return to her homeland to fulfill her destiny.Generally well written with minimal editing errors, the major issues for me were the 18 year old heroine who I really liked , who unfortunately is se [...]

    7. This is one of the stupidest most selfish heroines I ve ever read Observe Random stranger says let s run away together Leave guy you know gyk behind Stupid Girl sg ok Crap turns out random stranger rs led sg to a trap Sg kills some live beings while rs watches grinning hungrily enjoying her almost death Gyk comes in and saves sgSg blames her runaway attempt on gykGyk forgives sg and feeds her stupid faceSg sees rs again and rs says come with me Sg has a whole conversation with him then feebly sa [...]

    8. I read this series with a free trial of Kindle Unlimited This is a pretty good series, in my opinion this is a YA read I m 54, was not put off by them being Y A , so would be good for young adults too The first book was a little under explained in places, which left you trying to figure out what was going on But the rest of the books had information, so you could understand better what was happening Was definitely good reading, with a different take on were shifter dragons than I ve read before [...]

    9. Good start for a seriesThis is an interesting book, but I knew it was Book 1 of a fire book series and I was hoping it would open a door for me I read 1 plus books each week and to be honest I read this one in two days, including the start of book 2 The characters are well introduced and the plot is excellent I will look forward to all five books, expecting them to keep my interest to the end Then I will look to of Finley Aaron s books to read.

    10. This author writes with a very deep passion for DragonsThe characters are written in first person which I like Also, the written words describe, beautifully, the gorgeous surroundings that the author describes explicitly.I d recommend this book to anyone that loves dragons, even when one character in not too sure what she wants.Mef

    11. once you start you cant stop every second you want to know what is going to happen to ilsa sometimes is predictable, sometimes it isnt This is a fantasy action dragon story so dont expect deep meanings or complex analysis of the characters, the book was made for teens and young adults AND every fan of dragons will enjoy it.

    12. DragonI truly enjoyed reading this book I couldn t put it down, wanting to know what happened next The detail is awesome and I could see myself in the main characters place I would recommend this book to anyone who enjoys fantasy

    13. Fun and innoncentI found the story to be innocent than normal Dragon books It had a decent plot, but there was not true war and in depth fighting as you usually read, when dragons are involved I loved Ram, he seemed like a big teddy bear without good eating manners.

    14. LovedThis is one of the best kindle books I have read in a long time Without spoilers, it s made for all ages, it s fun, exciting, you want when it s over It was a joy to read

    15. Great bookI enjoy finding new genres and authors to read I m an avid reader of anything I really enjoyed this book the storyline is well written the characters are enjoyable I m looking forward to reading stories by the author so this definitely recommended.

    16. good readFirst book is well written from the feminine viewpoint Thought the trials and tribulations of a dragon human female were an interesting way to write the story.The book is entertaining.

    17. Okay I liked this story to an extent But it was very pedestrian for the most part The girl spent far too much time waffling between wanting to not be a dragon and wanting to be a dragon See, I can drag things out too

    18. This was a fun read, of a romance fantasy, than pure fantasy I enjoyed the characters and it s great how the reader knows than the main character.The storyline is simple but an easy entertaining read.I recommend this to young at heart fantasy and romance lovers.I bought book 2

    19. Just wowI loved going on this journey with her as she discovers who she really is and the way it s told makes you feel like you are right there.

    20. Good book Like different stories about dragons.Started number 2 and I hope it is as good as thefirst one Will let you know.

    21. Good ReadEnjoyed this book, although it was a little predictable towards the end, I look forward to reading the next one.

    22. This is one stupid,selfish chick, Ram should leave her ignorant ass to fend for herself, he deserves better

    23. Unique story and take on dragons Enjoyed the plot and how it was set in a recent timeline than the medieval ones.

    24. Why did I wait so longI had bought this book awhile ago and just did not have the chance to read it I am hitting upset with myself that I did not read earlier Great storyline and characters Looking forward to reading the rest of the series.

    25. I really liked this book Good start to a good series I hope The characters were really developed well Though I did feel like the villain was much of a villain Over a good read

    26. It s funny, but normally I hate prose written in present tense, and even worse, switching randomly between past and present Somehow, that didn t bother me with this book but for those whose pet peeves include that, it s throughout this book.The protagonist is a very capable young woman, which I like She s emotional than I like in a character, but in her defense, her world is so shaken up in the plot that she can be excused some emotionalism and confusion Her romance is predictable, but nice any [...]

    27. This is a really bad book It was very stilted To me it read as a Dick and Jane book You know, the one that says See Spot See Spot run Could not even finish past 17 per cent Not even worth a free read.

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