Blood Knot #2020

Blood Knot By S.W. Hubbard Blood Knot Tough love or torture When a tough love school for troubled teens opens its doors in Trout Run the locals are thrilled The North Country Academy promises jobs and money flowing into town But Police C
  • Title: Blood Knot
  • Author: S.W. Hubbard
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 370
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Blood Knot By S.W. Hubbard Tough love or torture When a tough love school for troubled teens opens its doors in Trout Run, the locals are thrilled The North Country Academy promises jobs and money flowing into town But Police Chief Frank Bennett is concerned about the arrival of so many juvenile delinquents on his turf When an Academy teacher is mauled to death by a bear while leadingTough love or torture When a tough love school for troubled teens opens its doors in Trout Run, the locals are thrilled The North Country Academy promises jobs and money flowing into town But Police Chief Frank Bennett is concerned about the arrival of so many juvenile delinquents on his turf When an Academy teacher is mauled to death by a bear while leading wilderness expedition, Frank s worst fears are confirmed Evidence points to sabotage As Frank investigates, he learns about the school s controversial techniques isolation, restraints, and mind control He meets students who might be terrified or might be brilliant liars And he uncovers disturbing information about the Academy s headmaster What is impressive His track record of putting teens back on the right path Or his skill in covering up past scandals When an Academy student turns up dead, Frank must unravel a knot of deceit and revenge whose threads lead right into the heart of the Trout Run community Frank s pursuit of the truth brings him up against a hard choice every good cop dreads Fans of Craig Johnson s Walt Longmire mysteries will enjoy the adventures of this small town Adirondack detective.
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    1. S.W. Hubbard

      S.W Hubbard is the author of the Palmyrton Estate Sale Mystery series, Another Man s Treasure, Treasure of Darkness, This Bitter Treasure, and Treasure in Exile She is also the author of four mystery novels set in the High Peaks of the Adirondack Mountains Take the Bait, The Lure, Blood Knot and False Cast, as well as a short story collection featuring the same characters, Dead Drift Her short stories have appeared in Alfred Hitchcock s Mystery Magazine and the anthologiesDead Drift, Crimes by Moonlight, The Mystery Box, andAdirondack Mysteries She lives in Morristown, NJ, where she teaches creative writing to enthusiastic teens and adults, and expository writing to reluctant college freshmen.

    951 thoughts on “Blood Knot”

    1. S.W Hubbard has nailed it again with the 3rd in the Frank Bennett Adirondack Mysteries, Dead Drift This story, like the others, is complex, suspenseful and very fast paced The characters are amazingly well written and so well rounded that I often feel they could leave the Kindle screen and speak to me.I hope there are many of these to come because I love them and I m hooked I found the first book in the series just a week ago and now I ve read all three You can t go wrong reading anything writt [...]

    2. Another strong additionI m so glad to have found this author,and this story is another hit on the series for me Small town cop but still dealing with several serious crimes and all tied up by the endLooking forward to the next one Recommended highly.

    3. Blood KnotThis is a very good series I am really enjoying it It is a very good suspense thriller I can t wait to read the next book in this series I recommend this series.

    4. I thought this story was outstanding It has excellent characterization and the quirky small town detail woven into a superb plot that is complex and fast paced, with plenty of twists and turns to keep a reader guessing It is wrapped up with a satisfying resolution The crimes are serious without the gore that feature in other books For anyone who enjoys a police procedural, I recommend this series.

    5. Love this series Although I read them out of order each mystery stands fine on its own Frank Bennett a small town cop in the Adirondacks is very likable main character has a lot of depth Widowed, bouncing back from that an old case that haunts him, this job has been a life saver A couple murders, a tough love youth school in his district and a spark of interest in a local lady all come together at the end seamlessly What I like about this author is you got some idea who might have done it but it [...]

    6. This is the third Adirondack police procedural see SWALLOW THE HOOK and TAKE THE BAIT I ve come to really like the main characters, especially Frank Bennett Frank is a widower and a hard working, intelligent but sometimes politically incorrect officer in the small town of Trout Run This time Frank is looking into an academy for wayward teens when accidents and other strange things start to happen to the students and faculty I give this a 4.5 some grammar issues on the Kindle A nice clean read.

    7. Another great small town mysteryGood convoluted storyline with lots of twists and turns Glad it looks like Frank might finally find a lady friend and a lovely touch at the end when Frank finds out Father Bob is really a genuine person The only thing I don t like about these series is the way the author changes to another scene with no break in the flow of writing It tends to be confusing.

    8. These three books were passed between my daughters and my niece one summer We all enjoyed reading them

    9. Still goodStill enjoy reading her books, definitely some twists and turns Ready to read the next in the series, and look for .

    10. Read this back over the summer, discovered it on vacation in the Adirondacks Now I have one to read, Swallow the Hook.

    11. I ve really enjoyed all of the books in this series Looking forward to reading the authors next book when it is published.

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