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Menagerie By Lara Santiago Menagerie What s a girl to do with five hot guys who need her for their sexual survival Create a weekly schedule Accidentally transported to an alien spaceship Valerie Thornhill inadvertently volunteers to be
  • Title: Menagerie
  • Author: Lara Santiago
  • ISBN: 9781606011881
  • Page: 143
  • Format: Paperback
  • Menagerie By Lara Santiago What s a girl to do with five hot guys who need her for their sexual survival Create a weekly schedule Accidentally transported to an alien spaceship, Valerie Thornhill inadvertently volunteers to be a virtual sex slave for five men A shortage of females and her blatant curiosity aboard the alien vessel conspire and set fate in motion The fact that the five are sexy anWhat s a girl to do with five hot guys who need her for their sexual survival Create a weekly schedule Accidentally transported to an alien spaceship, Valerie Thornhill inadvertently volunteers to be a virtual sex slave for five men A shortage of females and her blatant curiosity aboard the alien vessel conspire and set fate in motion The fact that the five are sexy and attractive is helpful when she learns the term of service is three years Forbidden to show favoritism within her unusual household for the duration of the long trip, Valerie still can t help falling in love with the most intriguing one of her male harem The fact that she is apprehensive about his demeanor and overall size only heightens her desire for him When the aliens discover Valerie s indiscretion, the ultimate price for her desire may jeopardize the return trip to Earth for all of them.
    Menagerie By Lara Santiago
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      Lara Santiago

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    1. Lara Santiago

      Lara Santiago is the bestselling author of over twelve books She s an Ecataromance award winner, a 2007 Passionate Plume finalist for The Lawman s Wife, and has garnered a coveted four and half stars from Romantic Times Book Reviews for her novel, The Blonde Bomb Tech.From her futuristic novels to her contemporary romantic suspense, she s known for her independent heroines and those compelling alpha males we all adore.After turning in her twelfth manuscript, she came to the realization that this writing gig might just work out after all She continues to dream up stories, keeping no less than ten story ideas circulating at any given time.She also writes as Elle Saint James author of The Double Rider Men s Club series and Larissa Stone

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    1. Just okay The writing was kind of stilted The first half of the book was a little draggy After she began to have problems in the second half of the book, my interest level picked up There was quite a bit of sex in the story but it wasn t particularly hot or memorable Sex isn t plot though and this story needed plot As I mentioned, the second half of the book had a lot tension because there was going on in the pages than just bed hopping The sci fi element was okay if a little hokey but there [...]

    2. Actually read the e book 3.5 stars Menagerie by Lara Santiago was pretty interesting It s a sci fi fantasy kind of erotic story that had a very different premise.Valerie is NOT looking forward to her mother s visit See, Valerie is a little larger than current fashion dictates and she s tired of hearing her mother, and others, tell her if she just loses a few pounds she can catch a man One minute she s jogging up the path and the next thing she knows, she s on a ship in a room with a bunch of oth [...]

    3. If you like books with multiple sex partners and lots of sex then this might be a good book for you Valerie a conservative accountant is accidentally transported to an alien space ship for three years where she is required to service five men during that time frame Along the way Valerie develops special feelings for one of the men and she can t help but fall in love As the end of her servitude comes to a close, Valerie wants to be able to find her love on the other side but the aliens say no Wha [...]

    4. My biggest beef heh with erotic romance most of the time is the gratuitous sex and no storyline to be found I do have my moments when I don t mind reading ber horniness , and there s a lot of those out there This book comes close to that, and while the story itself is not thought provoking, it is full of imagination, at least giving the reader an okay reason for all that sex And for good measure it s sci fi, in essence, asking you to suspend disbelief for a while longer, just enough to get in th [...]

    5. Despite the average reviews given by other readers, I decided to go ahead and read this one, and I wasn t disappointed I was drawn to the humor and tone of the story Being a plump girl myself, I understand Valerie s desire to lose a little weight before her mom s visit I didn t expect to like this one at all given the title, I expected it to have a forced story, or no story at all, similar to a f kfest The title was misleading because one would expect a gangbang, but no it s not like that.I didn [...]

    6. The flow of the story is a little bit jumbled up At some scenes I had wished that the author would indulged , to get that perfect momentum pacing.

    7. 4 Stars The aliens, as they travel back through a nearby wormhole to earth, inadvertently scoop up humans It will be a long three year wait for the humans before they can be returned to earth, so the aliens put them into stasis However, to protect the health of those captured they ve discovered that they must stimulate brain activity via induced dreams, and for the males those dreams must include sex, at least every other month Valerie is a bit of a klutz, and eager to let this dream ride on She [...]

    8. Vanessa Thornhill while out for a jog finds herself planted face first in the dirt as she blacks out When she comes to, she finds herself sitting a class, aboard a spaceship with a blue alien explaining the rules she must follow for the next few years of her new life At first she just goes with the flow believing this to be a very vivid dream Next thing she knows, she is being told how the ratio of women to men is five to one She will be paired up with a group of men, whom she will have to servi [...]

    9. Menagerie by Lara Santiago Oversize trade paperback release date July 23, 2008 4 Stars This book is an amazing futuristic romance with a big twist The entire premise is a fun and highly erotic ride Valerie Thornhill is accidentally transported onto a spaceship where she must become a sex slave to 5 different men for 3 years Each man has a very different personality and all of them are very attractive Valerie cannot help falling in love with one of the men She is torn by her duty and any preferen [...]

    10. One of the most unusual sci fi books I have encountered The heroine is witty and thoughtful, an independent female who is accidentally transported to an alien spaceship, one where humans are taken out of our time space reality into a time space continuum completely different than ours For three years she is assigned to a group of five human males for whom she provides sex twice a month each, and who will die without that kind of encounter Her relationship with each man is different, their respon [...]

    11. I wasn t sure I would enjoy an erotica and BDSM themed story that s also a sci fi in nature I was right I enjoyed it extremely It was a sizzling treat, being able to live vicariously through the heroine and to devour the delicious idea of engaging in wild, rough, and blistering hot sex with multiple partners If I were to be taken in an alien spaceship and this would be the kind of test I would be put through, I would make a thrilling and gratifying vacation out of it Having her own male harem an [...]

    12. I found this book quite intriguing The writing is not super but the plot is original.Valerie gets unintentionally transported onto an alien ship This happens quite often as a side effect of the near proximity of the worm hole the aliens travel through.The aliens here are benign and don t really play a central role in the story The transported humans must be kept in stasis until they can be put back where they belongbut only on the trip back So they must wait 3 years for their return In order to [...]

    13. I think the main reason I liked this book is that it outright handed me the rubric for evaluating heroes in menage And in romance in general.If there s two guys it s easy They re pursuer distancer They may switch up, if the book is long, but that s what they re doing.If there s three, they re generally Papa Bear surly , Mama Bear nurturing , and Baby Bear sweet and fun I m not sure what four are Four seems like a weird number But five Five, they re aspects of the same dude ButIn truth, they re a [...]

    14. This book actually started out a bit lame and Valerie was airheadedly annoying, however by the time it got to the end and everything was resolved I really loved the way it had worked out The heroine had gotten quite a bit better and Dominick was just gorgeous Surprisingly the twist had flitted through my head early in the reading process as a possibility but with it just being such a weird set up I didn t focus on it and promptly forgot hence why I enjoyed the end

    15. Neat twist at the end Wish I hadn t skipped forward to the end before I actually got there, though, spoilt it for me I think I was worried there wouldn t be a HEA so I skipped forward to see whether it had a good ending and landed right on the twist and ruined it, LOL If you want to read this, be assured it has a good ending, and don t do what I did and ruin all the fun

    16. Aliens accidentally randomly pick up humans while travelling through space one such abductee is Valerie Thornhill Due to ratio of males to females, females are assigned to 4 to 5 men She basically sets up a rotation to keep everything fair But when she falls in love with one of them, her actions could jeopardize the return trip to Earth for all of them.

    17. I went looking for a sci fi sexy read, and boy did I find it This was a well crafted read that has quite the little twist in the end I loved how different each of the characters were and just how much they pushed the limits, both together and against their colorful captors If you have read Tymber Dalton s Love at First Bight you ll enjoy this book.

    18. This was almost equal parts steamy hot and utterly ridiculous The heroine bordered on TSTL throughout the book, but there was an interesting twist near the end I m glad I read it, but I m reminded of why I generally avoid sci fi romances.

    19. I enjoyed this book greatly What woman doesn t want 5 guys with different sexual styles at her beck and call I thought this was a delightful book I enjoy scifi so this was right up my alley The twist at the end created a nice HEA.

    20. This story, though very unrealistic, has enough real emotions to make it an interesting read The main character finds herself on an alien ship where the purpose of her presence is to service human males on a regular basis The characters seemed realistic enough to make this a good read.

    21. I LOVED this book I was worried from the back description that it would be too much for me but I really, really enjoyed the storyline HOT

    22. The writing wasn t bad, but the heroine went from believing one thing to another without any real thought.The plot was OK, the ending kinda weak.An OK book.

    23. I enjoyed this I guessed pretty early on the gotcha surprise, but even seeing that coming it was still a very enjoyable read Wonderful happy ending.

    24. Holy crow Great book Totally different environment Spectacular characters with depth Wonderful love story, and truly unique conclusion Will enjoy reading this again again

    25. Not a bad book, interesting how the aliens take humans and keep them for 3 years, but it s never really explained how what why Or else I skipped that part It was just OK.

    26. This book surprised me with one of the twists toward the end and think it was because I was expecting a different formula It was ok and a very easy book to read stylistically.

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