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Daughter of Darkness By V.C. Andrews Daughter of Darkness Seventeen year old Lorelei Patio is the adopted daughter of a two hundred year old vampire Sergio Patio She never realized why her family has had to move often or why she is not permitted to get too
  • Title: Daughter of Darkness
  • Author: V.C. Andrews
  • ISBN: 9781849833592
  • Page: 217
  • Format: Paperback
  • Daughter of Darkness By V.C. Andrews Seventeen year old Lorelei Patio is the adopted daughter of a two hundred year old vampire, Sergio Patio She never realized why her family has had to move often or why she is not permitted to get too friendly with other young people In fact, except for one shocking moment, that seemed like a dream, Lorelei never fully realized who and what her father was, nor what hSeventeen year old Lorelei Patio is the adopted daughter of a two hundred year old vampire, Sergio Patio She never realized why her family has had to move often or why she is not permitted to get too friendly with other young people In fact, except for one shocking moment, that seemed like a dream, Lorelei never fully realized who and what her father was, nor what her sisters were brought up to do for him But one day, that all changed Sergio s daughters serve a very important purpose they are all beautiful young ladies who can easily attract and lure men so Sergio can feed on their blood And now Daddy expects Lorelei to be the obedient daughter he needs and bring him new victims But when Lorelei meets the shy but handsome Buddy in school, she quickly falls in love with him He feels the same way, but wonders why she doesn t want to take him home to meet her father Lorelei knows what will happen if she does and tries desperately to keep her two worlds apart, but she knows she can never truly escape her fate as a daughter of darkness.
    Daughter of Darkness By V.C. Andrews
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      V.C. Andrews

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      Books published under the following names Virginia Andrews, V Andrews, Virginia C Andrews V.C Endrius Books since her death ghost written by Andrew Neiderman, but still attributed to the V.C Andrews nameVirginia Cleo Andrews born Cleo Virginia Andrews was born June 6, 1923 in Portsmouth, Virginia The youngest child and the only daughter of William Henry Andrews, a career navy man who opened a tool and die business after retirement, and Lillian Lilnora Parker Andrews, a telephone operator She spent her happy childhood years in Portsmouth, Virginia, living briefly in Rochester, New York The Andrews family returned to Portsmouth while Virginia was in high school.While a teenager, Virginia suffered a tragic accident, falling down the stairs at her school and incurred severe back injuries Arthritis and a failed spinal surgical procedure forced her to spend most of her life on crutches or in a wheelchair.Virginia excelled in school and, at fifteen, won a scholarship for writing a parody of Tennyson s Idylls of the King She proudly earned her diploma from Woodrow Wilson High School in Portsmouth After graduation, she nurtured her artistic talent by completing a four year correspondence art course while living at home with her family.After William Andrews died in the late 1960s, Virginia helped to support herself and her mother through her extremely successful career as a commercial artist, portrait painter, and fashion illustrator.Frustrated with the lack of creative satisfaction that her work provided, Virginia sought creative release through writing, which she did in secret In 1972, she completed her first novel, The Gods of the Green Mountain sic , a science fantasy story It was never published Between 1972 and 1979, she wrote nine novels and twenty short stories, of which only one was published I Slept with My Uncle on My Wedding Night , a short fiction piece, was published in a pulp confession magazine.Promise gleamed over the horizon for Virginia when she submitted a 290,000 word novel, The Obsessed, to a publishing company She was told that the story had potential, but needed to be trimmed and spiced up a bit She drafted a new outline in a single night and added unspeakable things my mother didn t want me to write about The ninety eight page revision was re titled Flowers in the Attic and she was paid a 7,500 advance Her new generation Gothic novel reached the bestseller lists a mere two weeks after its 1979 paperback publication by Pocket Books.Petals on the Wind, her sequel to Flowers, was published the next year, earning Virginia a 35,000 advance The second book remained on the New York Times bestseller list for an unbelievable nineteen weeks Flowers also returned to the list These first two novels alone sold over seven million copies in only two years The third novel of the Dollanganger series, If There Be Thorns, was released in 1981, bringing Virginia a 75,000 advance It reached No 2 on many bestseller lists within its first two weeks.Taking a break from the chronicles of Chris and Cathy Dollanganger, Virginia published her one, and only, stand alone novel, My Sweet Audrina, in 1982 The book welcomed an immediate success, topping the sales figures of her previous novels Two years later, a fourth Dollanganger novel was released, Seeds of Yesterday According to the New York Times, Seeds was the best selling fiction paperback novel of 1984 Also in 1984, V.C Andrews was named Professional Woman of the Year by the city of Norfolk, Virginia.Upon Andrews s death in 1986, two final novels Garden of Shadows and Fallen Hearts were published These two novels are considered the last to bear the V.C Andrews name and to be almost completely written by A

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    1. I m so happy I did not buy this book I usually avoid writing reviews when I simply disliked a book but this book was horrible It annoys me to no end that Pocket Star the publishing house would publish this book They are using the V.C Andrews name to sell books with complete disregard to the content of the book In addition, you have all these incredible writers who are struggling to get their books published and they continue to be ignored by publishing houses It makes no sense This is NOT a V.C [...]

    2. One word, WTF.Let me start by saying that I picked Daughter of Darkness up with the expectation and acknowledgment that it would be a very weird story I figured it was a scrungy sort of book about a vampire daddy who adopts daughters for retrieval purposes Meaning, the daughters picked up poor suckers being perverted guys looking for a one night stand at a club, brought them home, and handed them to the vampire for his immortal needs Sounded original enough and I needed a new read Eeeks Was I wr [...]

    3. First, off, let me say that I am a fan of V.C Andrews, and when she passed, the ghost writer, Andrew Neiderman, did a superb job in continuing her books Regardless, He seems to have jumped on the vampire money wagon and or was rushed into putting a vampire story on the shelves under the V.C Andrews name for the sake of raking in some revenue Frankly, the entire story could have been summed up in about 3 chapters The attempt at mystery and intrigue regarding the father and his housekeeper and the [...]

    4. 3.5 stars Not quite a full 4 star read, but this time I ll round up Much to my surprise, I enjoyed this tore through at a rapid pace As of right now, there s no sequelbut there s certainly a door left open, if a continuing novel appears I ll definitely read it In all sincerity, I m not sure why DAUGHTER OF DARKNESS has collected such frothing disgust No, it s not the original VCAbut come on, y all If you hate the ghostwriter so much, just ignore him re read FLOWERS Is it really worth the angst W [...]

    5. Poor, sweet, beloved V.C Andrews, who worked so hard to bring us the enticing Flowers in the Attic, My Sweet Audrina, and the Heaven books despite all sorts of physical difficulties including breast cancer and arthritis and a really bad back that had been a problem for her since youth does not deserve to have her name dragged through the mud or something far vile with books such as this.The author description from the book is as follows One of the most popular authors of all time, V.C Andrews h [...]

    6. Before I start writing, I d like to warn you, this book makes me so angry that it effects my writing, i m sorry for any grammer or spelling problems Its not me, blame the friggin book.Worst book ever A vampire guy is brainwashing his kids given to him via incest to become whores that constantly crave just the barest attention from his, just a look or a hint of a smile and they feel like they are on top of the world BLECH Every month he needs to feed and he wants to feed from an aroused male so h [...]

    7. Just started late last night So far it feels nothing like old school V.C Andrews, but then since she s been dead for years and years, I wasn t really expecting it to feel like Flowers in the Attic meets Dracula And it didn t.I really did not like this book The only character I liked was Moses, and he s only in the last page and a half of the book I really think the book had some promise, and there was enough mystery to keep me reading, but mostly it was my old love of VC Andrews from my tween da [...]

    8. Review courtesy of All Things Urban FantasyThis whole book made me uncomfortable The incestuous overtones that are present throughout DAUGHTER OF DARKNESS vary from subtle to overt It s big time creepy, and not in the fun paranormal way that we all love More like Dracula meets Sister Wives The main characters were also somewhat off putting Daddy for the obvious reasons, Lorelei for her sheep to the slaughter mentality that was so na ve and worshipful of Daddy that I cringed constantly when she w [...]

    9. I actually spent a majority of this book torn between being creeped out and not being able to put this book down If you are into dramatic vampire tales, this might just be the book for you Even though this book is based around on a young adult, this book defiantly isn t your run of the mill teenage vampire tale That being said, I actually wouldn t ever recommend this book for young adult readers WHAT SO EVER The topics discussed in this book can be very intense, dark, and somewhat disturbing for [...]

    10. Overall I enjoyed this book I hope that there will be a sequel to explain of the plot Daughter of Darkness was in the spirit of most V.C Andrews books The main character was not much of a role model until the end of the book She was meek, weak, naive,childish,and boy crazy instant true love But, by the end of the book she had found her strength PRO A great amount of mystery that kept me reading the book even through all of the things that annoyed me An original take on vampire culture CON DADDY [...]

    11. This book was just OKing special and the main character never did anything remotely cool, yet shes supposed to be one of them

    12. Virile young men are brought to him as sacrifices The women who bait the targets are favoured above the other females The girls live in luxury with one catch they must never fall in love.So you can predict what happens Special Snowflake teenager Lorelei Patio falls in love You would ve thought she d learn her lesson after the relationship with her first boyfriend does not end well But Lorelei is motivated by hormones rather than love, as far as I can tell and the boys only comment on her beauty [...]

    13. i love this book i reeaaally hoope theres going to be another series becuz this is different than any other book ive ever read about vampires and i liked it the sibling rilvary thing annoyed me and how eager marla wuz to grow up and how ava tried to help marla in being daddys best daghter than she helped lorelei and the fact that in the end ava said i knew u woulkd be like this and thts why i started training marla mad me wanna jump in that book and kick the shizzezz out of her and i also didi [...]

    14. When I was younger, I loved V.C Andrews s books Actually, it was Flowers in the Attic that begun my path to becoming an avid reader I confess, it has been many years, since I have read her books, but, I always remembered her books fondly and being much better than this book was I had hopes for this book, 1 Because of the genre and 2 I had hope to reconnect with the V.C Andrews books.Lorelei loved her daddy She was often told, she was his favorite , that he expected great things from her , and th [...]

    15. What can I say about this book It was a very dark coming of age story Lorelei s character seemed to slightly follow the normal progression of a child turning into a teenager, but it was taken to a whole other level mostly disturbing The reader got a very extensive thought by thought look into Lorelei s head, but I didn t get invested in the characters even Lorelei.The relationship between Lorelei, the other sisters, and Daddy was obviously incestuous and the incestuous undertones as well as the [...]

    16. It features a different kind of vampires, but did you know that that word is only mentioned once Lorelei Patio is being trained in the art of seduction and warned never to fall in love She follows her sister Ava s moves to lure men for their Daddy But Lorelei falls in love with Buddy, who is described as handsome and charming And she cannot tell anyone not Ava, not Marla, not Mrs Fennel, and not her father since she doesn t want Buddy dead The safest thing she can ever do is stay away from him a [...]

    17. This was so bad that Ive decided to never read another VC Andrews aain I have read all her books Basically they had one chapter of story and dragged it out to make a book It was redundant The book was just plain stupid, the characters were ignorant Its not a vampire book, I mean theres one vanpire persay but he doesnt do vampire stuff The people involved at putting this mess together are just trying to bank off the vampire craze They did a horrible job Worst VC Andrews book ever New York Times n [...]

    18. It was a deliciously wicked read She did not disappoint me in this story I found myself reading with one eye shut and the other eye open to see what happened next It was a lot of fun

    19. I m sorry but this isn t the book for me This book is like a bad reality tv show meets twilight I am a huge huge huge fan of V.C Andrews ,and I even enjoy some of the work written later by the ghostwriter BUT this book contains none of the drama or suspense of her early books.If you are familiar with any of Andrews books you could most definitely expect incest gags , rape, and unexpected pregnancy although the latter two did not occur in this book, I bet you some time later in the sequel the her [...]

    20. I really started to take an interest in reading when I was twelve years old My aunt who has always been a book lover wanted to encourage that and make our bond stronger through a shared love for reading, so she passed some of her favorite books onto me Some of V.C Andrews books were in the box she gave me, and I absolutely loved them.When I saw this book I got so excited I thought V.C Andrews and vampires, this is going to be great I ran down to my local BN to buy it as soon as I realised it was [...]

    21. Seventeen year old Lorelei Patio is the adopted daughter of a two hundred year old vampire, Sergio Patio She never realized why her family has had to move often or why she is not permitted to get too friendly with other young people In fact, except for one shocking moment, that seemed like a dream, Lorelei never fully realized who and what her father was, nor what her sisters were brought up to do for him But one day, that all changed Sergio s daughters serve a very important purpose they are a [...]

    22. I wish I was able to give Daughter of Darkness 1 and a half stars because it doesn t deserve one thanks to the somewhat captivating plot but in my honest opinion, I wouldn t say that I liked the book The incessant Daddy talk irritated me after a while yes, I understand that Ava Marla Lorelei are devoted to their father, but can you honestly tell me that teenagers would stand for calling their father Daddy and not be adverse to the isolation that they are made to live in The setting was in a fant [...]

    23. The Daughter of Darkness by V C Andrews is an intriguing mystery that keeps the reader engaged as the story unfolds The main character, Lorelei has an extremely unhealthy attachment to her father whom she still refers to as Daddy It comes across as a twisted almost obsession However, her sisters seem to have a worse case of it than her Lorelei seems to be the only daughter who questions their very unconventional lifestyle She has no friends, nor is she allowed to have any She is prohibited from [...]

    24. So Apparently VC Andrews has been dead for the past 26 years, and I m just now learning about it That explains why the only books of hers I love are the ones she wrote while still alive In short, this book was a waste The plot was weak and completely unrealistic in the worst possible way The ghost writer spent too much time alluring to a pseudo mysterious, but pretty crappy story line that lacked real development The characters had no depth Buddy annoyed the hell out of me The dad just creeped m [...]

    25. Weirdest vampire book ever I ve been a fan of V.C Andrews books for a while, and I like that they re being changed up a bit This was definitely what I would describe as a V.C Andrews vampire book Here s what I liked about it That they never use the word vampire You only hear the word once in the entire book and it s not someone in Lorelei s family who says it It s unusual for this type of book, and I think it actually makes it pretty unique Another thing that made the book unique was the family [...]

    26. So Virginia Andrews and Vampires Can t help but think the ghost writer is pulling all the money they can from Andrews fans This didn t feel like a typical Andrews book It felt quiet slow and Lorelei just wasn t that likeable She seemed emotionless even when she was supposed to be having all these feelings Her love for Buddy just felt fake I wasn t buying it I guessed half way through what the twist was going to be Andrews loves her incest I will read the others in the series and hope for better [...]

    27. Before I go much further, no, I did not read this book in under a day Continuing on a fan of Flowers in the Attic, I was excited to read this story especially with the review that the story promised to be as dark as Flowers in the Attic Well, overall I enjoyed this book and definately found it as dark and twisted as promised It was interesting to see the author s take on vampires and how she developed the story Besides the above, I also enjoyed the lead character s development, growth, and idenp [...]

    28. V.C Andrews is dead THe gifted writer who thrilled with Flowers in the Attic, Heaven and My Sweet audrina must be spinning in her grave at the steady output of crap being spewed in her name, book after relentless book For goodness sake, take her name off of these books, she did not write them A guy with no concept of what it s like to be a character in Andrew s worlds is tainting her name and destroying a solid reputation Shame on her family for allowing it Shame on the explotive, lazy author ma [...]

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